Burning, acid-like Migraine Headache
by Crystal13, Oct 13, 2007
For over a year now, I have suffered from a odd feeling migraine.  The pain can be described as a tight, burning sensation between my eyebrows and a similar feeling in the base of my skull and neck.  I have suffered from migraine headaches since starting menstruation 13 years ago, and have been diagnosed with classic, common, and atypical migraine.  This new headache is not only uncomfortable but annoying-- I'm not vomiting or crying from pain or incoherent, so people don't seem to believe me when I have one.  I have now had this headache daily for over a week, and when I visited the ER (I had to leave my teaching job because of the burning to go), the doctors gave me Vicodin and Reglan (for the nausea I sometimes get from it).  I took a Vicodin two hours ago with an Imitrex-- and am still burning.  

My question is has someone out there experienced this burning, acid-like migraine, and if so, what have you do to relieve it?  If a doctor can also suggest a name for this condition, I would appreciate it.  The ER docs said it sounded like a cluster migraine.  However, my ex-husband suffered from those and mine do not wake me in the night or make me need to sit up or move around.    
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by emily107, Oct 17, 2007
I just, by chance, stumbled on this website. I was looking for occipital headaches when I found your 'burning, acid-like headaches. For many years I suffered with this type of headache. No one can see or feel your pain and is very hard to describe the pain. Many meds can trigger the pain, constantly circulating air, or cold air can trigger the pain. I was misdiagnosed as having sinusitis and was treated with antibotics and cortisone for years, I had the deviated septum surgery, took allergy short, etc.  (cortisone helps, but that is kind of a bad trap you can get into). I still get these HDs 3-4 times a year and the ONLY thing what works is to treat them like a sinus infection and take antiboitics.  If you can find a doctor who will prescribe 2% lidocaine to put into your sinuses (thru your nose - sounds gross - but it will stop the pain), and some A/B Otic Ear Drops QUA. I can't tell you why these headaches develop or which treatment actually made mine better, but my burning headaches developed into trigeminal neuralgia (for which I had surgery at University of Pittsburg) - and - after that surgery, this type of headache disappeared for years.  But, first, I'd try the lidocaine and the antibotics. Good Luck!!!
by noops01, Dec 20, 2007

There is a possibility that the headaches that you are describing is occipital neuralgia. It causes sharp burning pain at the back of head and upper part of neck, the pain can go upto the top of neck and even upto the eyebrows.
Occipital neuralgias are very difficult to diagnose. You will have to find a specialist in your area and seek his opinion.
by ddrum11, Jun 15, 2008
       For the last 6 years I have been suffering with some kind of condition?? Intense burning under my eyes even causing puffiness & it hurts for usually a full day or more & happening 3 to 4 times per week. For the last few years I was treated as if I had a sinus infection only my sinus's were bone dry. After no luck from those treatments I went to a Allergist & was perscribed nasel sprays & took some tests to see if I was allergic anything & that may be causing my condition. I was found to be allergic to Dogs. I have two & noticed I would break out when I would pet them to much, so I was recomended to stay away from them for about two weeks. Well that did nothing as well & the thing was I have had dogs in my family for my whole life. Lastly I went to a nerologist who proscribed Topamax & Imatrex. The imarex (spelling) made me feel even worse & helped intensify the already burning feeling & my heart was racing like crazy. The Topamax made very very tired & I was not able to stay on it for that reason. Today I awoke again & I new it was coming. Sleep blows I'm afraid everynight that I will wake up to this burning pressure which ruins everything in my life making me depressed. I just don't know what else to do. The only thing for me that seems to work is Excedrin but I will not take it for I was told that my body will become addicted to it & it could make these possible Headaches worse. So today I missed Fathersday & laid on the couch all day with this feeling getting more & more intense throught the day. So rest dose also nothing. I got in the car & barely drove to get some Excedrin at my work were I keep it for only emergencies. I just could not take it anylonger. I feel better after a few hours of taking it however I continue with a buzzing feeling below my eyes ( my cheeks ) & its there most ALL the time but thats when I feel decent. It seems to me I can't be helped told what I have for it doesn't seem to fit a common migraine. I guess I will call another neorologist................
by porkchops, Aug 31, 2008
I've been having a buffet of different migraines for the last 9 years.  Just this past week my symptoms have changed yet again.
This is new, the burning 'acid like' feeling.  I can't seem to fight my way through this.  It's similar to the feeling I get when I take a 'Zomig' or 'Relpax'.
Is this a common feeling.  In my own research to date I've not come across this symptom until now because I was purposfully looking for it.
If anyone has any info or can point me in a direction to get more I would much appreciate it.
I would go and see my doc now...only I find it better if I figure it out a bit more and them I'm armed with more info for him to treat with.
by pumpkin7812, Jan 11, 2009
So I'm writing on behalf of my husband.  I have been trying to find out what kind of headache he has and this page is the only one that comes close to his symptoms.  He has been getting these headaches for the past 10-15 years.  It starts with burning of the nose, sometimes cold air triggers it.  The headache then goes behind the eye and into ear and sometimes the whole head.  He thinks that it is a sinus headache but sinus headaches should not be debilitating.  He only feels good when he is in a hot shower or lays down for hours with a heating pad on his head, ice packs do not help.  We have not found any medication that can help him, sinus or migraine.  He has been to 3 doctors so far and they all gave him a different answer and are unable to help.  I'm planning on sending him to a headache center next.  I don't think it's a cluster headache because he lays down and sleeps for hours not getting up and moving around.  These headaches can last from 1 hour to 24 hours. If anyone has had a headache like this and knows what it is called or any information I would be so grateful.  
by Sweetnsexy, Oct 13, 2010
My gf is having some server headaches she's complaining about her head burning blurred vision n giddy head no vomiting but upset stomach can any1 help us her Dr say its migrane but I just feel its something different instead she can get very moody when it happens or be for it come on.
by Dr SantosBlank, Oct 14, 2010
How is your girlfriend? Headaches with nausea, vomiting, and vision symptoms prior or during headache may indeed be symptoms of migraine aura. It is important that she takes the medications prescribed, rest and avoid the triggers of the headache. A headache journal or the migraine tracker here in in the forum may help identify the triggers so she can avoid them. If it persists, check with her doctor for proper management. Take care and do keep us posted.
by latisha4o8o, Dec 05, 2010
I have experienced migraine headaches since the age of 8. I am now 36. I have tried various medications for this and the best that seems to work is 2 Excedrin with an Imatrex and usually an Alka-Seltzer. Unfortunately these Imatrex are very expensive and my insurance only allows two packs of 9 (totaling 18) per month. That would be fine if it were enough to cure the headaches but it isn't.

I experience these nearly every day now. I have noticed that in the past five years that at the onset of the migraine I have what seems like horrible heartburn. This acid feeling moves throughout my entire neck and upper back and burns behind my eyes and nose. If that wasn't bad enough, then the head ache really begins. I take Imatrex for these and if I catch them soon enough it will usually help. When it takes effect, I feel that acid burning sensation dissipate throughout my entire body before finally subsiding.
That is if the migraine goes away. Often, knowing I am nearly out of med's and have appointments and etc for the upcoming days, I risk not taking the Imatrex soon enough to insure that I will have the medication if I need to be some where important.

These headaches are nearly disabling and I get depressed when I really want to go somewhere (like my child's school play) and one of these set in. Often times I must endure it to participate in activities or work only to find that later it takes longer to get rid of because I didn't get in a quiet, dark room sooner.

I have been to my Dr. several times about this and tried a few non-effective methods such as preventative, sinus treatment, allergy medications, OTC products and etc. but to no avail aside from the Imatrex which isn't a sure thing and is limited. I get the Imatrex from the pharmacy so frequently that the pharmacy guy began questioning me about what else the medication could possibly be used for. I explained that I had no idea and that if I didn't have a migraine that it didn't seem to have any side effects for me other than causing an occasional upset stomach.

My family is sick of hearing that I have these sick headaches and my Dr. just sighs when I mention the same symptoms time and time again with no relief and no answers. I believe that at first she thought I may be there to request some sort of addictive pain medication ( and who knows if she still does or not) but I do not want to be doped up, I want to be cured. There have been many times in which these burning migraines have taken over my life and I am sick of being sick.

I have tried going off all medication thinking that too much was inducing the headaches but I still had the migraines and the ONLY non-prescription/OTC cure I have found is to go to bed in a dark room with earplugs, plenty to drink and don't come out until it is over (even if that is 2 or 3 days).
MRI's reveal nothing of course and food allergies seem very inconsistent. I have spent nearly 30 years trying to isolate the cause of these migraines but to no avail. Yes, my mother had them. She never found a cause or cure for them either and has now passed away from other non-related reasons.
The over sensitivity to smells, light, sounds does not seem to provoke a migraine although some people seem to think certain smells do but I have found that at the onset of a migraine, over sensitivity to EVERYTHING is nearly unavoidable.

This burning sensation that has been occuring in my neck, shoulders, eyes, head and nose now seems to have also graduated to my upper arms during very intense attacks.

Is there some relation to migraines and digestive problems? Is there a possibility that stomach acid could escape and travel to other areas of the body? I realize that may be illogical but that is what it feels like and I don't know how else to describe it.    
Herbal remedies are stacked in my cabinet, I have tried vitamin mixtures and other herbals and end up with a cabinet full of garbage (or at least ineffective toward migraines).

I often experience chronic nerve-like or burning pain which I feel is preempted by these migraines or what ever is the root cause of them. Applying direct heat seems to be the only relief to this pain. There are times in which I must grab a big blanket and "camp out" over my heat vent.
This is ridiculous. I don't understand why the medical community has not discovered the cause and cure for migraines in all of these years. There seems to be relatively little focus on it considering the amount of people who endure these.

If you have these migraines as frequently as I do, you will know what I am talking about and the discouragement of being misunderstood and all that it takes from your life. I have abstained from accepting prescription pain meds that were simply for pain because although it would relieve some of the pain, how would I ever be able to function taking that amount of pain medication? I don't see that as an alternative because I would not feel like I was gaining quality of life.I do however, take Lunesta every night to sleep because I am too achey to sleep through the night without it and lack of sleep only adds to the frequency of migraines. Lunesta is not the cause of the migraines. I had them long before I began taking this for a sleep aid. I take benadryl during the day if the migraine is so bad that I need to lay down and the pain is so bad I can't rest.

Please, someone.... find a real cure for these migraines. But to do that I believe you will have to find the cause first. Anyone with any other suggestions that I haven't tried that may be working for them, please contact me at ***@**** with your advice.

Thank you,
by cmille, Sep 20, 2012
I have the exact same thing. I have been trying to figure out what is going on with me. These did not start until I had my gallbladder out and I also have noticed they come on when I have indigestion or eat certain spicy foods. I have had a CT and getting an MRI but right now I have been put on a medication called Gabapentin to try and help the burning scalp. It feels like I have a sunburn on top of my head. I am lucky if I have one or two good days a week. Let me know if anyone else has had similar experiences and what you have done about it especially if you have found a cause. Thanks