Car accident migraines :(
by usaftrevor87, Aug 24, 2007
My question is, i was in a car accident about 2 weeks ago. Ever since then i had all sorts of issues. What hurts the most is, ever since the accident I have extremely painful migraines that come n go everyday, usually followed by some nausea and dizzy spells. I have CT scans done, X-rays, blood work, they can't seem figure it out. Some of my other syptoms inclue insomnia (two or three times), tingling in hands, feet, and part of my face, i have passed out twice due to the dizzy spells i get (once i fell down some stairs, that was no good). Those are my most common sypmtoms. in the car crash, i hit the top of my head on the roof of my car, while suffering from sever wiplash. I am still in a neck brace from the accident and have to start physical therapy in approximately 2-3 weeks. Do you have any idea what could be causing any of my symptoms? I was told once that i might have nerve damage? but that was kind of hearsay, not by a doctor. Really Anything would help. Thanks for your time.
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by usaftrevor87, Aug 24, 2007
Also i forgot to add, one of the reasons i am seeking a 2nd opinion is I don't reallly think my doctor cares, to be honest. 4 days after the accident i past out and fell down the stairs, it was a saturday night. I waited 2 hours in the ER to be seen, only to sit in the doctors office 15 for him to tell me, that fainting is normal with the type of injury i sustained in the car accident?? Then i was released with no x-rays or anything else done.
by Oye Vay, Aug 25, 2007
SECOND OPINIONS ARE ALWAYS GOOD! SECONDLY, LOOK TO SEE A NEUROLOGIST! THIRDLY, DID A RADIOLOGIST READ YOU YOUR REPORTS?  opps caps sorry not yelling! Btw I'm truly sorry you are experiencing these symptoms, I LIVE with and suffer constant migraine, headaches sinus aches so, I know your pain! Insomnia, tingling dizzy and falling down the stairs can all be related to aniety.  I know that sounds crazy, but when the body  is under stress or suffers PSTD (post tramauic stress disoreder example car accident) it, the body respons in all kinds of ways.  There is something called convulsive synop (sp) basically, its when the brain doesn't get enough oxygen , it cause fainting and or seizure like spells, but its not a seizure so don't start to worry. Nerve damage is possible but only a Neurologist would be able to run the test. MD's are limited thats why you need a Neuro!
CT's MRI's MRA's are fairy accurate, You can ask for an MRI. Also be honest with your Doc. Tell him/her you felt like he/she did not care how you felt and you left feeling unassuared Push come to shove you can always file a complaint w/ the bored against the Dr, but thats a last resort! A patient should have a good working communicting relationship with his/her Dr, and don't worry about loyality or feelings getting hurt!
I mention to you the anxiety because accidents are tramautic , though it may not seem serious and ppl may walk away banged up, the mind has a way of storing, filing information and you may be totaly unaware that you are having anxiety and or painc. It could very posssibly be I am not saying you do but its possible. Maybe  you can pose ur question in the menatl helath section and see a Real Doctor actucally answers ppl there.
Be sure though to tell your dr how you feel and or felt I mean how you were treated, when in douut do without or seek a second opinion, no harm
The nausa does it come before the migraine? If so that can be an aurea , warning you you will be getting a migraine
When ever you feel dizzy stop what you are doing , relax take long deep breaths in thhale though the nose fill yoour diaphram (sp) as much as possible with oxygen and slowly release
If you are not dieabetic(sp) sorry can't spell have a lil oj or a sm peice of candy yougart somthing to keep ur sugar level going, make sure u r staying hydrated and eating sm meals every few hrs to keep insulin up this may help with dizyness, don't skip meals and or wait to long btwn meals , try not to go more than 4-5 hrs w/o eating
Make a list of all the questions you have for your Dr for example why is this normal with a head injury to faint or fall etc....
Best of wishes keep me posted
by another migrainer, Sep 07, 2007
I was in a car accident in 05.  I was having migraines ever since 2-3 times per month lasting anywhere from 2-5 days.  I finally started seeing the headache center which includes a physical therapist, neurologist, psychologist and dietitian.  We have gotten to the source.  I have a muscle at the base of my scull in my neck that is inflamed.  I  have now made it 5 weeks without a migraine (up until yesterday), with the help of physical therapy, special exercises, muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory medication.  I was also prescribed imitrex 6MG injections.  It works great, my migraine is gone in 15 min.  I get some other side effects from the imitrex but all symptoms are gone in 45 minutes.  Beats days of pain.  So I agree with the last post, go see a neurologist.  Mine is a life saver, I have been blessed with a Dr. who cares.  And by the way, I had the same experience with my family Dr., one who didn't believe me and if she did she didn't seem to care.  I ended up getting a new family Dr. who referred me to the headache center.  Good luck to you.  It's a long haul but there is relief out there.  I hope you find something that works for you.
by sicntirdmom31, Aug 18, 2011
i too suffer from these terrible debilitating headaches....ask your dr. to refer you to a neuropsychologist for something called impact testing...you may have post concussive syndrome...you can find more info at www.tbiguide.com...good luck..and get better!