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Chronic Daily Headaches and Heart Pain
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Chronic Daily Headaches and Heart Pain

I am female, 20 years old, and have had Chronic Daily Headaches for almost six years now - the symptoms primarily being a headache (of varying intensity) everyday and nausea. I take 50mg of Amytriptaline every night for this and it works very well at keeping the headaches at bay (it does not stop them at all but certainly relives me of the intensity of the constant pain). I often seek to understand the cause of my headaches but to no avail - I had an MRI scan about three years ago and have not found any dietary triggers.

I have had heart 'palpitations' or pain for a couple of years (mostly only occurring about once every couple of months) however, recently they have been occurring much more frequently - about 3-4 times a week. This pain is sharp and very quick and tends to leave a dull and uncomfortable pain on the left side of my chest for a few hours afterwards. These pains are usually accompanied or followed by a more intense than normal headache. I became more annoyed by this pain when I took a very gentle stroll outside (about a 5 minute walk) and returned home with a relatively painful headache, accompanied with light-headedness, nausea, a very fast heart rate and a dull pain in my left side (ergh, what a list!) - I sat down with a glass of water and some toast - only a couple of hours later did I feel a bit better.

I have noticed that my headaches are made more intense with exercise - even if that it only walking briskly or up a a hill (consider that when I first got my headaches I was fit, and a school-team sports player). Therefore I, as I can do when I find no obvious cause for something, like to make connections. First I was wondering what this pain in my chest was - a rib muscle going crazy, or my heart saying a little hello? And secondly could this relate to my head pain - in the sense that restricted blood flow (for instance) causing a headache?

I hope you can answer. Some people often say it is as a result of stress - but I am possibly one of the most unstressed people imaginable - so I like to count that reason out.

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You have been having a 'chronic daily headache' for the last 6 yrs; intensity of pain is less since you take Amytriptylene 50mg at night.
Your recent MRI Brain is normal
Palpitations/ chest pain 2 yrs, once in two months then, now 3-4 times a week. Sharp pains followed by mild pain chest lasting a few hrs, accompanied by a more intense headache.
Headache intense with exercise.
You are only 20 yr old.

You have to see a doctor about all this, and he may take an ECG, Chest Xray and comment. If the doctor draws a blank, you may have to see an orthopedic surgeon about your vertebral column, to know if there is some 'alignment' problem causing the headahce (from the neck) or the chest pain (spine of chest)

That's all I can think with what you have given in the posting.


Thomas Antony
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