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Cluster Migraines
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Cluster Migraines

I am 43 years old and I have been a cluster headache sufferer since I
was 18. I have taken all of the usual pain medicine for migraines and
nothing worked. The cluster headaches fortunately only come on about every
4 to 5 years I have been lucky and they go into remission for long periods of time.
About 4 years ago the doctor decided to try me on Prednisone he said that it
might break the cycle of the cluster headache and much to my surprise after just
a couple of doses it went away and stayed away. Just a few days ago I began another
cycle of cluster headaches and I began taking the Prednisone again and the cycle was
cut short. I began having less and less pain and in about 3 days it was gone completely.
I feel like I have finally found something that will help me, and hopefully I will not have another
one for 4 more years.
My question is does anyone know what triggers them and why they hit me the same time each
year usually in late March or April?
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Avatar dr f tn

Cluster headaches are one of those conditions with an unknown cause.The cause of which is  medically referred to as idiopathic (unknown).In some studies though, it is found to be present in families."A positive family history of cluster headache was found in 7% (25/366) of the families. Compared with the general population, the first and second degree relatives of the 370 patients with cluster headache had a 14-fold and twofold increase in the risk of having cluster headache after standardisation for sex and age. This increase in familial risk strongly suggests that cluster headache has a genetic cause."

Source:Journal of Neurology,Neurosurgery and Psychiatry

Are there other family members with similar symptoms?

Have you had baseline tests done before for your headaches ?

Was a cranial CT scan done?

Avatar n tn
A cranial CT was done several years ago and it was fine, and no no one in my family
was ever diagnosed with cluster migraines. My dad suffered with some kind of headaches but they were more sinus related and came on more often.
I have not had any baseline tests done before the headache maybe I need too.

My headaches have subsided now and I am feeling much better, until they hit again.

Avatar dr f tn

A baseline cranial CT scan may be able to help as well as a cervical spine scan to rule out referred pain from a cervical spine disorder.

Cluster headaches may have associated symptoms like eye redness, and tearing and nasal discharge. Are these present in your case? With the headaches coming back at a particular time of the year, then an allergic component has to be ruled out. If this has been present for years, recurring at certain intervals a consult with a neurologist may be done to have the headache reclassified.
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