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Could this be a Migraine Aura?
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Could this be a Migraine Aura?

Hello, lately (about two months now) I have a sensation in the back of my left calf. It feels like it warms up or heats up a little, almost as if a heating pad has been placed there for a few moments. It goes on and off all day, but there's no pain. I just think it's odd.

I've never had a BAD headache, just tiny short pains every once in a while, hardly ever, and have never had a real headache but I was wondering if you can get a migraine aura without the head pain? Cause I heard auras can be trippy, and I have had tingling before in response to LOUD MUSIC, lol! It was tingling on my head and feet.

I also have a gas prob and heard on other forums that pinched nerves may cause it and maybe the gas is causing it? I don't know if it's something to worry about or not, that's why I'm posting because I can't go to a doctor, I have no insurance. I figure it must be something induced my listening to so much loud music, and might be neurological in some way; because a lot of this started after years of listening to loud music for long periods of time.

If anybody know anything about it please let me know! <3 *mwah*
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Hi Sammie_Doodle,

I am not a doctor, so I cannot diagnose you, nor do I believe that anyone can diagnose anyone online. I really would urge you to seek medical attention for this concern, although I do understand your situation about having no insurance.

Before I try to help answer some of your questions, I'd like to address the issue of where you could try to seek medical attention. If you ever require emergency medical attention, in America there are public hospitals. Every city has a public hospital. You do not need medical insurance to access a public hospital, although most hospitals will charge you for using their services (the bill is sent after, no payment is needed upfront). There are also public health clinics, you also do no need medical insurance to access some of these, many you need to pay up front and in some cases you do not need to pay depending on the type of clinic it is. I would suggest that you look into where you could access medical care in your city for a reasonable price.

Now to try to answer your question... this does not fit the usual migraine aura pattern. I have not heard a migraine aura usually described this way. Usually migraine auras are visual in natural. People will see visual distortions, often starting in their peripheral vision and then moving to fill their entire visual field. The types of visual distortions vary from person to person, although I believe that one of the most common visual distortions is something that is called scintillating scotoma, although many types of scotoma are possible.

It is possible to have a migraine without a headache. Migraine is a neurological disease that usually has four phases: the prodrome, the aura, the headache and the postdrome. Not all four phases have to take place during a migraine attack, many people have migraine attacks without having a headache. The prodrome phase is made up of symptoms that will altert the migraineur that the migraine is about to happen, such as fatigue, sore muscles in the neck, cravings, etc.. The aura is the visual aura that we just talked about. The headache consists of the severe pain phase. And the postdrome is often described as "like a hangover".

So, I do not think the symptoms you are describing fits the normal pattern of a migraine. But, I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose your symptoms.

There is also a forum here on Medhelp about stomach issues that you may want to check out as they may be able to answer your question about gas:


Hope that helps a bit!

- marilee
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