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Earache, dizziness
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Earache, dizziness

I am a 42 yr old female that has had a total hysterectomy and is on HRT.  I am experiencing dizziness, nausea, ears fill like they are s topped up, sweating and headaches and when i try to walk  i walk into walls, i can't  walk in a straight line.  This has been going on now for about 6 months or more/ I will be sitting around and all of a sudden out of no wear I will get really lightheaded, start  sweating and feel really sick to the point of sometimes vomiting. My ears fill like they are going to bust,  it's so much pressure.  Can someone please help me out with this.  thanks!!!
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Sounds like you have menieres, its an inner ear problem. i have had it for 14 years and it is a pain to deal with. Allegies or pollen seem to make it worse, but there is a way to make it stop.

1. The pressure in the ears can be alleviated by bending over and letting the fluid drain out of your Eustachian tubes.

2. Take Zyrtec, dries the fluid right up.

3. Go to your pharmacy and ask the Pharmacist for the travel medicine behind their counter( no prescription needed.) for dizziness. Do not take Zyrtec with this as it is also a antihistamine.

4. Lay on the opposite side of the ear thats bothering you, it helps keep the dizziness down and will help the crystals in your ear seat themselves again.

5. When you get dizzy, stay wherever you are at and fix on one thing, tell veeryone not to walk in front of you as it usually will make you throw up.

There are exercises you can do to help, even though it may make you dizzy at first, it will eventually die back down.  

!st. With your eyes open move your eyes left to right and back again til you can do it without getting dizzy, then try up and down with your eyes.

2nd. take a tennis ball and toss it hand to hand sideways and then up and down following it with your eyes.

3rd. Once you have conquered that, do it with your eyes closed.

I did all this and after years of suffering I finally am having a dizzy free year.

If you have questions, please write.

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Have you seen an ENT?
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Ditto the ENT suggestion. It sounds like that would be the best course of action for right now. If the ENT can't find anything wrong, then reevaluate, but to me it sounds like something a good ENT could help with.

Good luck and keep us posted!

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How are you? If the ear ache/pressure has been more than six months already, an ENT consultation may be indicated to determine the underlying cause.  Direct examination of your ear and diagnostic tests may be done. Light-headedness also happens when there is not enough blood getting to the brain. This may be due  to a sudden drop in your blood pressure or if you are dehydrated and other underlying medical condition that needs to be ruled out. Take care and do keep us posted.
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