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FREAKING out over headache that switches sides
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FREAKING out over headache that switches sides

Hey guys, first time poster.
I have always had headaches off and on for the last five years. I am a 31 year old overweight smoker. Currently trying to lose weight :D

Anyways I am crying as I type thhis. I have been to urgent care twice, my primary doc once, and the er once.

I had a CAT scan on August 9th of this year and docs dont feel I need another one, but of course since I have anxiety im flipping out, as my dad and gramma died from glioblastoma multiforme in the brain

So, my headaches
*never had a headache like this
* history of sinus infections in the sphenoid sinus
* I did a Z-pak, but not on clarithromycin day 2
* Use my neti pot every day with some alkalol in it
* I also take effexor xr and klonopin

a month ago, when i stand up i get headrushes
doc blamed tension in the neck
1 er visit, the doc refused another scan and told me that since i had one on august 9th i didnt need another
went to urgent care a week and a half ago, did a z-pak, didnt help
When I wake up, my vision is blurry and im dizzy when i sit up
Both temples also hurt really bad, the pain would go over my ears and down to the base of my skull on both sides
Now the headache isnt both sides, but its switching sides from the moment I wake up!
Now a week later, urgent care gave my clarithromycin yesterday
No nose stuffiness but occasional "gunk" in nose, no big deal
My temple headache is switching sides every day, sometimes twice a day
Doc said my optic nerve and blood pressure are good
I changed my regular pillow to an orthopedic pillow
When I go anywhere I feel dizzy
I cant handle tylenol and ibuprofen anymore, both the er and urgent care did magnesium, fluids, and toradol shots, which typically kills off my headaches, but this one keeps coming back, I have even seen a chiropractor!
The pain was in the left temple, going over the ear, into the neck and base of skull yesterday, then it switched sides. I was having ear congestion but thats off an on now, all docs checked ears and they were very clean and nice.

I am fearing carotid artery stuff, brain tumours and cancer, since my dad died from that, I know I had a scan on the August 9th (non contrast CT) but im anxious as hell and i want to enjoy life. I cant live like this. I have even been doing flonase. Please someone help? Thank you.
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Hi and welcome to the Migraines & Headaches Community.

Ok take a breath. If you had cancer it would have shown up on your scan in Aug. So, we can rule that out. That being said, your symptoms do seem pretty migraine-ish. Here are a few over the counter tips you can try.

1. There are several symptoms of migraines and what causes the pain of a migraine is the blood vessels in your brain become dilated. So, sometimes it helps it you put a bit of pressure on your head. I am sure you have already been doing this unconsciously with your hands from time to time. So, get a bandanna or a cloth headband and wrap it snugly around your head.
2. If you rub Mentholatum across your forehead and on your temples that helps relax those tense muscles. You can do this with or without the wrap, depending on if you like the heat or not.
3. Try either a cold or hot pack, whichever is more comfy to you.
4. The best OTC meds that I have found that works is Excedrin. It is a combo of Aspirin, Tylenol and Caffeine and that happens to be an excellent combo for migraines.
5. I mentioned caffeine before...well, drink coffee, Mt Dew, take Vivirin...sometimes a mega dose of caffeine will stop it in its tracks.
6. If you get nauseous or dizzy get some Meclizine from the pharmacy (the stuff behind the counter) you can take 25mg three times a day as needed. Yes it works on both.

Try these tips for a month or so and see how you feel.
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Thank you. I have been doing heat and cold packs with no relief. I am actually allergic to caffiene sadly, I can drink a can of dr pepper but thats about my limit lol
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That is something you need to take note on because there are A LOT of migraine medications with caffeine in them.
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