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Headache, pressure, numbness
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Headache, pressure, numbness

I have never posted a question on line but I am not finding the answers I am looking for. 1 week ago today I felt tired at work and about 3 hours later I felt an awful headache accompanied by slight dizziness and that feeling of not being all with it or spacey. I thought maybe I was just over tired and after a good nights sleep, I would feel better. So I went home to bed and the headache was getting worse and I felt really hot and thought maybe I was coming down with something.

When I woke in the morning I was no longer hot but when I sat up I thought my head was going to explode. It hurt so much. So I popped some Advil and took it easy for the day. I napped and had a good nights sleep but the whole time the headache remained.

So the next morning after still feeling the same way, I went to the Doctor's who did one of those in office exams at which point she said that nothing is wrong and it's probably a migraine (which I should add that I have never had a migraine and rarely even get a headache in 34 years). She told me to take 4 Advil, drink a can of Coke or a cup of coffee and lay down for a few hours in a dark room. So I did that and the headache was still there.

I am now taking 2 Advil and 2 Tylenol Migraine Ultra with a can of Coke and napping daily....still NOTHING works completely. I may dull it for a few hours but never goes away completely and always comes back in full force.

So this is day 8. Is 8 days too long for a headache? And I have pressure in my head that can still occasionally make me feel dizzy and I have numbness/tingling from the top of my head back to my neck...that can't be normal.

I have no cold, no stuffiness in my sinus, no sore throat, no cough....no nothing associated with actually being sick. And usually people with Migraines have a bad reaction to,light and often have nausea...I DO NOT.

What is wrong with me? Do I have a big tumor growing in my head or am I having an anurism?

What should I do?

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Hi there Kim,

There are lots of types of migraines. Lots of people with migraines never feels nausea or have a bad reaction to light. But you are right... your current treatment is not working and this is TOO LONG to have a headache for. That is NOT okay!!!

Please go back to the doctor and get a referral to a neurologist ASAP. At this point, if your headache is constant and has not gone away in 8 days and you are having symptoms such as tingling and numbness, it would also be alright for you to go to an Urgent Care Center or to the Emergency Department if you did not want to wait to see a neurologist. I would personally not blame you for doing that and that it what I would personally do if I had never felt symptoms like that before. Different people would suggest different things... but.... in MY country and in MY Province that is actually what our government suggests we do in such a situation (there is a website we can go to and type in our symptoms and it tells us what to do... like, if we should go to emergency, see our family doctor, or stay at home and do home care) and in your situation, my government's website says that you should see a doctor immediately because your pain is moderate to severe and has not gone away with home treatment for so long and is also accompanied by numbness/tingling... so, please see a new doctor TODAY and get a referral to a neurologist OR go to an Urgent Care Centre or the ER if you cannot get an appointment with a new doctor TODAY. That is my advice. I hope that your headaches goes away soon! I hope it is just a migraine... those can be treated pretty easily with better meds... advil and caffeine does NOTHING for a bad migraine!! Those are useless for a bad migraine! If it is a bad migraine, the doctors at the neurologists office or the urgent care centre or the hospital will be able to give you a triptan (sumitriptan shot probably) and other things that work for migraines. I hope you feel better soon and keep us updated! :)
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