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Headache and Nausea

I have had a terrible headache and nausea (without vomiting) for several weeks.  Often Advil does not help the pain.  The headache is in the front of my head often gets worse as the day progresses.  I have an appointment to see my family doctor next week but was interested in something that I could do in the meantime.  
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Avatar n tn

How would you describe these headaches that you experience. Are they stabbing, dull, or throbbing/pulsating in character? Are they relieved by sleep?

There are several conditions that can be associated with your symptoms. These include migraines, tension headaches, as well as sinus headaches. Cluster headaches may also be a possibility, although less likely. Hypertension is another.

Many headaches occur secondary to some triggers, and it is essential to identify these triggers to be able to avoid them and possibly prevent the occurrence of the headaches.

You could try to engage in some relaxation techniques and exercises, which might help relieve the pain. Yoga and meditation have been reported to be beneficial in some pain states.

You can try other over-the-counter pain medications, but make sure you take them properly, to avoid any gastrointestinal side-effects. Taking a gastroprotective agent may help with this.

If you have hypertension, you should try to control your blood pressure to avoid its ill effects.

Go ahead with the consult and update us on anything that happens.

Good luck.
Avatar dr f tn

It sounds like a bout of the common migraine.

I would like to know more about you.

-What your typical day is like.
-Are there any personal changes in your life these past few weeks that may cause unncessary stress in your part?
-Where is the pain located ?
-Does the pain occur frequently over one side of the head?
-Is there any tenderness over the eyes or the ears?
-Any scalp tenderness?
- Is your headache associated with food intake or weather changes?

The common migraine is usually throbbing in character and may be more predominant in one side of the head.It may be provoked by bright lights or loud noises.Some women associate migraines with their menstrual cysles and with certain food intake.Frontal headaches may also be caused by congestion or inflammation of the sinuses.Problems with your vision that may cause eye strain may lead to headches of similar character.

Have your vision checked by an opthalmologist who might also do a complete eye examination.Take a fair amount of rest each day.Eat well.You may take some supplementation like magnesium and vitamin B2.You may ask your physician regarding these supplements before taking them.There are more novel anti migraine drugs being reviewed in the market.Consult your physician regarding abortive therapy for migraine.

For the meantime ,try to avoid activities that may aggravate the headaches.Provide adequate lighting when reading and apply a cool compress on your head to keep the pain down

I hope this helps.
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