Headaches and Burning Sensation
by nikoh04, Aug 22, 2010
Hi, for the last two weeks I have been experiencing headaches and random burning sensations in my feet and hands.  On the first day I started to feel a burning sensation in my foot.  I didn't know why it was burning but I thought I had athletes foot.  Then my head began to feel heavy and my cheeks felt swollen (even though they weren't).  Also my mouth began to water much faster than normal so I was constantly swallowing my saliva (maybe from anxiety?).  My mouth isn't watering at that rate anymore.  Now my headaches are always felt in the morning when I wake up and right before I go to bed.  The headaches move throughout my head but for the most part I feel it behind my right eye and right side of head.  Also at random moments throughout the day it feels like my ears are going to pop like there is some sort of pressure in my head.  Not only am I getting headaches, I also am feeling tingling and burning sensations in my feet and hands.  During random times of the day my feet or hands will begin to tingle or burn.  It always seems like when I am not having the headache, my feet or hands will be acting weird and vice versa.  I recently talked to my doctor and she thought it was maybe a muscle strain or something with my neck so I was sent off to the chiropractor.  The chiropractor helped a little bit but I still am having these symptoms after two weeks.  The thing is I don't feel like I ever have to vomit or faint just more of this constant headache and burning sensation.  I am a perfectly healthy 19 year old male (5'7" 130 lbs) and I am still able to work out or play sports without my headaches effecting me negatively.  

So Symptoms:
1. headaches every morning when I wake up and also throughout the day (mostly on the right side of head and behind right eye)
2. random burning and tingling sensations in hand and feet
3. cheeks feel swollen or heavy during certain times of the day as well
4. ears occasionally feel like they are going to pop

Any possible solutions or answers would be great.  Maybe it is a neck strain? or Back problem? or virus?  I just would like this solved so I can concentrate on my school work, thanks.
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by Dr SantosBlank, Aug 29, 2010
How are you? Cluster headaches usually present with pain in the vicinity of eye and may also be associated with tearing, nose congestion, or flushing of face. Pain frequently develops during sleep and may last for several hours.  Alcoholic beverages and smoking may also be responsible. Oxygen and medications and even intranasal application of local anesthetic agent may help provide relief. With regards to your burning hands and feet, it is best that you have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation. Take care and do keep us posted.