Lump on Head
by Neelyt, Oct 29, 2007
For the past few months I have had a hard lump on my head which sometimes gets bigger and feels quite tender, as if I've banged it.  The lump is situated on the top, right hand side of the head where the plates of the skull join together.  I'm quite worried because I suffer from alot of migraines and headaches, I have a headache at least every other day.  I've been to see a doctor who sent me for an x-ray, which didn't show anything up due to the lump not being a boney lump.  He also said that he just thought it was how my head had formed when the plates joined together because of where it is.  This might be the case but I was just wanting a second opinion.  The lump has not always been there and if the lump was due to how my head has formed wouldn't it have been?  and what about the pain?    
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by bhumi123, Nov 27, 2007
You should definitely get a neurologist opinion and not leave any doubt. Yes you are right that if the lump was not there always then there is a chance it couldnt have been due to the malformation of the skull plates at birth. How old are you? Also you should try and remember if there is any history of fall/ injury to the site where you have the lump. Do your headaches espond to the OTC painkillers? A neurologist evaluation will help clear out the doubts and will help you in further management of your symptoms and give you a definitive diagnosis. Goodluck.
by noops01, Nov 28, 2007
Please consult a neurologist about the lump you need to undergo evaluation. As far as your headaches are concerned please get a vision test, and blood pressure checked. Meanwhile eat your meals on time, maintain proper hydration and sleep at your regular bed time everyday.Take care!
by Fdnyreq1, Jan 15, 2008
I have a bump on the right side of my head as well where the plates join and suffer from headaches every other day. A little over a year and half ago I fell down and hit the side of my head on a railroad tie and passed out for a few seconds. I noticed that my bump started to form right after that. If anyone has any suggestions if that may be what have caused it feel free to answer.

From Kyle  
by Vanessa LacuestaBlank, Jan 15, 2008

How would you describe the lump?

Is it reddish, soft, hard?
Any scalp itchiness or lesions near the lump?
Any palpable nodes in the ears, neck?Any problem with hair growth?
Have you had headaches prior to the appearance of the lump?

A lump on the head may be secondary to an injury ,infections or tumors. I do not want to cause further worry but a visual inspection is needed to ascertain the the cause of the lump. Some infections may present with redness, swelling, discharge.Tumors that may be benign or malignant may present with ill defined borders, hard nontender growths. However, malignant tumors of the scalp are not at all that common. So there seems to be no urgency here.

A proper examination by a neurologist or a dermatologist may help in case this is a scalp disorder.

Have you tried any medications? Was the headache relieved? Did the lump subside?

Keep us posted ok?
by louise90, Aug 23, 2009
My Boyfriend has suffered from migraines from as young as 9 years old. He went for a scan when he was in his teens but nothing showed up. He is 21 now.Recently he has been getting them more often. He has two sets of tablets that he takes to prevent the migraine called zomig and other pink tablets but they do little for him. He is used to getting migraines so often,its normal for him, and he doesn't really worry about it.The other night I felt a bump on the right side of his head, I definitely don't think it was there before and neither does he. The right side of his head feels tender when he touches it. I was just wondering can any one help? Thanks.
by osborn05, Jun 02, 2010
I too have had a small lump on the right side of my head accompanied by severe headaches. This has been going on for at least 5 years. The headache never goes away but does get less severe to make every day life tolerable.  I've been to numerous dr's, including neurologists with no answers.  The headaches are just a small part of what's been going on with me.  As the headache progresses, I also suffer from temporary memory loss, (even simple knowledge things can disappear for anywhere between minutes to years.) muscle spasms at times so severe they mimick siezures, fatigue, facial numbness, skin sores that have trouble healing, fingernail and toenail deterioration, thickened skin around nails and toenails, ringing odd feeling in the right ear.  I've often wondered if I could possibly have both MS and MD since both diseases are strong in my family history.  The MS is in both parents heredity, the MD is on my dads.  Those in my generation on my dad's side that do not have the MD have the MS.  I've talked to several of them and some symptoms point to one and some point to the other.  Is it possible to have both? If so how would this affect or afflict someone?
by pjparty, Jan 13, 2011
My boyfriend just got a head injury a few weeks ago, and he has a large bump on the back of his head. I am very worried because it is very soft, but he says its not tender. Usually I would have thought the swelling would have gone down, but it has not. What should he do? Just try to let it go down, or see a doctor about it?? The only way fir him to go is if he heres it from someone else, because he doesn't think that there's anything wrong. So PLEASE answer me back ASAP!
by Edds, Jan 20, 2011
I have the same symptoms.
since about a year or so I have been having severe migraines, to the point that I am totally incapacitated at least 3 times a week - and always between the hours of 18:00 and 02:00.
The headaches are localized to the right side of my head somewhere between eye and ear.

I also have a lumpon the right side of my headabout 2 inches oabove my ear and slightly forward. The size of a small coin, maybe 1 to 2 mm thick and not attached to my skull.

I havea strong feeling the two are connected.

I am currently not medically insured, but will be in a months time. At this point I will have myself checked out, and I PROMISE to post the results here when I have them.

This is a very frightening combination of symptoms, and I see many people online with similar stories. Many of those say they get checked out but none post their results.

Just as I want answers now, I hope I can help others in the future to get just that.
by fred222, Jan 14, 2012
i have a lump?conky on my forehead it's hard, and is not going down no matter what i do, but it came their due to me hiting my head really hard. someone,anybody please help me im begging you.