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Migraines causing my issues or is migraines symptom of something else??...
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Migraines causing my issues or is migraines symptom of something else???

I am 40yrs and have not suffered from migraines. Throughout my 40yrs i have only had an occassional headache. However a couple months ago, i was standing in line a the grocery store and had a sharp chest pain on my left side that went up my neck and then caused some arm weaknessess on the left side and a few mins later a tingling left foot. I went home and rested and it mostly went away although the next morning i still had some pain in the palm of my left hand but that went away by end of the next day. This incident however only turned out to be the beginning. A few days later out of the blue i got really dizzy at work to the point i thought i would pass out. I was tired for several days and at one point i thought i had the beginning of the flu because i got a really bad headache that made me feel like i wanted to throw up. However it subsided with some advil and in an hour i was fine. Then the scary stuff started. one day i was leaving work and got an intense pain up the back of my neck into the base of my head. i went to drive home and when i turned to look left then right i felt like my eyes were in a delayed mode and i had a great deal of pressure at the base of my head. i was checked out in the emergency room and they didn't see any issue. i then had some arm weakness when attempting to do simple things like type and it felt weird like i couldnt coordinate the actions without really focusing and sometimes the same thing with walking. I had occassional sharp pains in the chest. Then one night i thought i was having a stroke my left side felt like it went to sleep starting from the top and working down until my whole side was numb and i had upperback pain. mind you when all these things were happening i didn't have a headache. I had a Brain MRI, MRA, And MRV that all came out normal and i had various blood tests for things like lyme disease that were also normal. I had some radom arm numbness and weakness, and one day while flipping burgers i had a right arm tremor-my arm felt week and i just didn't feel right overall. After the really bad night the worst of it seemed to go away for a couple weeks other than an occassional random sharp pain in various locations in an arm, a leg, a foot, a toe or even a finger, my chest, or back of my head.So i thought it was gone but it wasnt on Oct 3rd it came back with pain in my left upper back and pain in my left hand deep in the palm that went up to a couple fingers and then the next day half way up my arm. A day or so later i got a headache that lasted four days and continued getting arm or hand pain. One day while shopping the side of my stomach and back went numb-just the left side. I get various sharp stabbing pains in the back of my head and sometimes behind my right eye. I have seen a neurologist this week and he has put me on a low dose antideprresant that they found helps with what he thinks is a migraine that is causing neurological symptoms. He said it would explain 80% of my symptoms. What i am wondering is if this is  migraines causing peripheral neuropathy symptoms or if that is really the symptom of underlying disease/disorder like MS or some form of cancerous tumor ?  I am in a wait and see mode on the new meds to see if eliminates or reduces my symptoms. Is there something else they should be doing. The neurologist said he didn't think it was anything to scary and he didn't seem too worried-but i have alot going on with my body that just came out of no where-for someone who never goes to the doctor and the worst thing i have been diagnosed with is GERD and i once had dermotoid cyst on my ovary 15plus years ago. any suggestions?? is there anything else i should be doing or asking the doctors to do?
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