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Migranes and burst blood vessels
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Migranes and burst blood vessels

This is the SECOND time I've had a migrane (migraine) in which a blood vessel in my gum ruptured. Though this time not as bad. I have gone to my health provider about these migraines. CT looks fine. Though the cyst I had when I was a kid is gone. Another troubleing thing is when this happens my right eye the site always screws up. (Should also note she had the cyst on the right side of her head) Now I was told the cyst was supposed to never go away it was just a underdeveloped part of my brain. How can something almost the size of my fist just vanish in less then two years? (Not that I'm complaining)

(They put me on topamax for my migranes (migraines) since I get em frequently, it helps, except when it turns hot then it back fires X_X)

My question is basically, is this something to worry about? I have picture of both times the blood vessels ruptured. And it's not a new development it's just happening more frequently now.

(Ignore below I'm ranting)

And people wonder why I am not going to my doctor because my elbows screwed up right now. ::rolls eyes:: OH YEAH, and "polycystic kidney disease is not risk to my health" according to them (basically stating the disease rarely causes problems in people though I have been having trouble for years).
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Avatar dr f tn

I understand this may be really frustrating.

When you say that your right eye usually screws up, what do you mean?

Also, is the bleeding gum problem associated with a lot or profuse bleeding?

I suggest that you have at least a consult done by your primary physician.The reason for this is that you may need to have your blood pressure assessed. Also, your coagulation factor levels may need to be evaluated. Bleeding although minor especially when associated with headaches may need to be evaluated.This may not be an urgent case however it is best to have baseline tests done for future reference.

Observe your symptoms. If you have any onset of severe headaches,joint pains,tea colored urine and dark stools then an immediate consultation is mandatory.

Avatar f tn
Severe headaces, and joint pains, yup had them. (second time writing this message so I'm being blunt and on verge of another fing headache)

When I says right eye screws up I temporarily loose some sight. The first time I totally lost night vision and perifial vision. This time is less.

No it usually just bleeds under the skin. It's weird, first it takes shape of the vein then it bursts out in like a bruise. ::holds up hands:: Like the normal thing the blood vessels do on your hands when they burst... Or i told it was normal.

My blood pressure is usually normal, though a few times I have thought man that is high for me. Cause I'm always usually the same level. But you know, I'm the pashient and I know nothing. Thus the first time this happened.

I do not know if they check the coagulation factor with the normal kidney ten yards, cause I have mentioned i have polycystic kidney disease. (They hate running blood test might I add) The only weird thing blood test come up is I'm usually dehydrated, no matter how much water I have a tendicy to consume.

::rubs head:: Unless I know exsactly what to say, hey listen I need to look for this, can you guys look?

And I should note, kaiser never really lets me see a doctor, all they let me really see is a RN. All I get is a shot in the butt, and the advice everyone gets em, don't worry about it.
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