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NO one can help me? This is weird? Please I need a doctor.
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NO one can help me? This is weird? Please I need a doctor.

OK.. This all started with an H.pylori infection in my stomach. It was real real bad and I felt really bad pain in the abdomen, I went to a specialist and he confirmed it was h.pylori and gave me a two week treatment. Well before when I was little I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and I stopped taking my thyroid meds for awhile. I felt so horrible and did not know where the feeling was coming from. My vision got so distorted I felt like I was on acid. My tsh was at 30 and thought that the vision and everything was from that. It kind of felt like everything was real slow, And the lights I experienced were like if you took a picture and the flash you feel in your eyes when you look out everywhere. No doctor had an explanation of this. They told me h.pylori was asymptematic so I ruled it out. Then the headaches started. It felt like tension headaches because I was under major major stress because of how everything felt. I got a cat scan done and was normal. Blood tests were normal. I was like what the heck could be possible wrong. My vision now has gotten better but its still a little weird. Now im going to list a couple of symptoms that I experienced. I started taking thyroid medication and now its a little better-my vision-.

Pain and twitching in my muscles.
decreased night vision.
headache..not severe at all but constant
slight tingling in fingers and toes and teeth
cold wet feelings running down toes and feet,
sometimes i overworked my legs at work and I felt the sweat wasl ike extremly cold
when i looked at patterns they seemed wavy and moving
I went to an eye doctor came out normal
a neurologist made me do a cat scan came out normal
I had a gastroendocopy came out normal
I think some wounds I have dont heal as fast as before
Ive had really vivid dreams every night
dreams I can remember fully

Oh and another thing I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer after a biopsy.. I am going in for surgery for that.

Now if anyone can tell me is this from the thyroid cancer and my hypothyroidism being affected by the stomach infection?
or its another disease. Please I need to know its driving me crazy. Im expectinng from my wife my first child next month and I JUST want to be happy again. This has turned my world upside down.

Is it MS?FIBROMYALGIA?PERIPHERAL NEUROPHATY? I know its not mennigitis because i dont have stiff neck and fever.. is it a nutrition malabsorption? Is it severe stress and anxiety causing this?

If I focus my eyes on something everything starts getting fuzzy.

Is this something psychiatrist needed?

Please I beg a doctor to help me PLEASE.
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Thanks for writing in.
It is very unlikely that H pylori infection of the stomach is causing these symptoms. Your symptoms as of now seem to be due to thyroid dysfunction and fibromyalgia. Cold shivers, visual symptoms are a feature of thyroid dysfunction. Fibromyalgia on the other hand can cause tingling numbness and pain in the legs. Chronic fatigue syndrome can also these symptoms and so can anxiety and stress. It is important that you get a through clinical exam done. Since your MRI is clear this does not seem to be MS. Make sure you do some self relaxation exercises every day like breathing exercises and meditation.
Take care!
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