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One side Head Ache recently from a year
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One side Head Ache recently from a year


This headache problem is for my husband. he has a mild pain on left side of his forehead, cannot say this is exactly at forehead to. because the pain occurs near to his ear may be i could say a center place above where your eye and ear is connected. he says he gets the continuous pain a mid one not so sharp even. he has got this pain after he had suffered a severe cold. even now he has a little running nose. but not every day some times.

when we checked with the doctor they gave some course of tablets for five days but it was not okay. and their is no history of migraine in the family. he is working as an IT person.

could you suggest me what could be the diesease. or is it a migraine itself. or should we need to go for scan.
my husband says if he touches that place or press that particular place in his head it pains more.
i doubt if it is a nerve proble.

can you please suggest... i am worried for him...
please help...

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You should try some OTC pain relief medications for a few days and see if it helps.

If it does not, you should ask him to consult an eye specialistto rule out any vision abnormality and also to rule out any sinusitis - which could be a cause of the headaches.

Does he sit in front of the computer for long hours daily?

Is he sleeping well?

You should consult a neurologist and get a proper clinical evaluation done and have him investigated as the neurologist advises.

This would be required for a confirmed diagnosis. The further management plan would be decided then.

Do let us know about what your doctor has advised.

Hope this helps.

Good luck.
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