Pain in head back side 2-3 inch above the left ear
by VipS86, Mar 02, 2013

I am getting pain in head back side just 2-3 inch above  the left ear. Its being on discrete time in a day more than 10. While getting pain I feel that something moving slowly inside that portion of brain. Once I slap at the position it stops. Also while getting pain it goes high low high and low with in a minute in a constant manner. Can you suggest me where should i take the treatment for this. While I am writing I am getting pain.


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by Arti Sharma, M.D.Blank, Mar 05, 2013
Hi and hope you are doing well.
A complete clinical examination is absolutely necessary for correct diagnosis of your problem. This pain can possibly be due to migraine or some cause related to the ear. Pain on the temporal area can come from an ear infection, a problem with your TMJ joint, or even be from inflammation of your arteries .I will advise you to see a primary care physician. After a clinical examination he may refer you to an ENT specialist or a neurologist. Based on the clinical findings you may need to get investigated. Do write to me with more queries.
Best luck and regards!
by VipS86, Mar 06, 2013

Thanks for your helpful reply. Here I want to tell one thing that this pain has end automatically after two days. Should I take any precautions about. But still we don't know the cause of occurrence. Is tension may cause of this.