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Persistent headaches
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Persistent headaches

I am 19 years, and I have had persistent headaches on the right side of my forehead since I was 9 years.  Ordinary pain killers do not relieve the pain and I had a convulsive seizure during my sleep last month.  What can I do?
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So sorry to hear about your pain. Have you seen a doctor about your headaches, preferably a neurologist?  With headaches that often you should.

You should at least be trying a prophylactic medication that you take every day to avoid the headaches.  Don't risk getting rebound headaches from taking pain killers (even OTC ones).   If you take pain killers even several times a week, you can be fueling to get the headaches.

If your current doctor has not tried you on a variety of prophylactic meds, then you need to see another one who is not such an idiot.  Plus there are many other treatments available.

Good luck to you.
How are you? Are there other symptoms present? If you have episode of seizure in the past, it is best that you have this checked and evaluated by your doctor or be referred to a neurologist for proper evaluation. Diagnostic tests such as EEG and MRI may be done to help with the diagnosis. Aside from ordinary pain medications, stronger prescription medicines and complementary and alternative medicine such as biofeedback therapy and acupuncture may help.  Take care and do keep us posted.
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