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Sharp pain in left side of brain
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Sharp pain in left side of brain

i get a shrp pain on the left side of my head that last for up to one minute. it is quite intense and painful. i need to stop waht i am doing in order to cope with the pain.
my doctor just shrugs it off as not important. (i am also struggling with remembering what i am studying)

please help
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It last for a min and then goes away ?? remembering what you are studying as in your school work? more info please
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If it is ocurring regularly i suggest you see your physician.
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Is it like, you have a small constant headache but all of a sudden you get a stabbing pain in your brain, mostly back left, but still all over, its easier to cope with if you close your eyes and lean on something?
i have the same thing, ive had 3 blood tests to find out what it is thats wrong but i dont think i explained bout the head pians cos i dont think theres much to be done, if you get it sorted, comment back cos i mite jump out the window if i dont solve this :@

(not literally, but it is reli painful)

,lozzy x
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I have continuous mild pain in my left head near ear and I feeling warm and heavyness. I visited to ENT Dr. there they done some audio & pressure test that was ok and given some Migrane (migraine) and muscle relaxer medicines but, after 3 weeeks I am feeling worse day by day. Pls advise what I do, I am really worried aout it.
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Use this!
Drink (300ML of) sugar +water+a very little pinch of salt solution before the sunrise. every day.
This will help you solve the problem permanently after having it for 2 weeks.

Whats bad in doing this, its not costly or not a poison you are drinking..
Its just sugar and water.
It means your brain needs enough carbs .. and when it is lack of it, the nerves feel contraction and therefore you feel sharp pain..
use it and say)))
Bye for now.
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If this is a sharp pain that
forces you to close your eyes
for a few seconds and then you
get a throbbing feeling in the
lower left side of the brain afterwards,
then I can only suspect two
possible problems because I
too have had this for years
and occurs maybe twice a year.
  A doctor said it could be a
sensitivity to scents, which
I know I do have.  Never had
a cat scan but 1. Im suspecting
possible lack of oxygen to
that portion of the brain.  
However, 2. I have a 27yr old
amalgam teeth fillings in
the far upper back of my
mouth which Im not ruling out.
Im having two amalgams removed
but my dentist suggest I not remove
the amalgam that I spoke of earlier
since its still intact.  If he does
not remove that amalgam then I will
have to find another dentist that
will.  This would be a step
towards doctoring this life long but
occassional sharp brain pain.
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I suggest you see your GP and get a referral for a brain scan. Don't mean to scare you but sometimes pain in the brain could be very serious. Pain in the brain could sometimes be a symptom of cancer. Please get yourself checked properly asap.
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Okay it's been 8 months since my amalgam removal.  The day of my amalgam removal, I noticed the pain wanting
to return, slight throbbing off and on for a few days.  Now it's back full force. I can now rule out the amalgams, I think.
I remember as a child in junior high school a group of kids would go
around showing other kids how to knock each other out unconscious by holding the breath and pressing against the chest. I was one of those kids that this was performed on
and I clearly remember being knocked unconscious.  I'm suspecting that may have damaged a part
of my brain and may have also possibly been the cause of my life long vertigo. You may say, vertigo is an inner ear problem and there is no connection. But there is a connection.  I noticed when I do get that sharp pain, I can quickly stop it by taking in a deep breath through the nose.  When the pain occurs, I noticed that I'm usually not breathing correctly through my nose, usually due to one nostril being blocked. Also, certain scents do trigger this.  Cigarette  fumes, Colognes, Perfumes, and other sharp scents, basically, chemical scents also trigger this.  Planning on getting a CAT scan and if the
scan finds nothing, then I will suspect a possible alien implant.
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hi my name is monique and i have been having a pressure feeling on my brain also for the couple of days now but the doctor did a cat scan and said that i had sever sinus infection on the left side of the brain. and even if that is so why am i still feeling movement in the same spot which is above my ear on the left side of my head? im totally lost and confused at first i thought it was a parasite under my skin because i can feel it when i put my hand to my head!! he prescribed me loritab and a muscle relaxer but what should i do if this last longer than exspected? he said everything came back normal but im thinking maybe he missed something idk? but all i know is im not crazy and that i have never felt constant moving under my skin like this before on a daily basis. somebody help what could it be what should i do am i going crazy?
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I'm having this right now, I just ate pizza so carbs are in me. I have a sharp pain in back of the left side of my brain, Right now I am stressful and feeling a bit suicidal, but I get like this when I am writing papers. Probably heavily influenced by stress and procrastination. Good luck but I guess the mortician will tell you what it is when he does an autopsy.
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my left side of my brain gets bad headaches and i get ringing symptoms in my ear and sometime i forget most of my school work what can that be i need to know because i dont want it to turn into a bigger issue. please let me know A.S.A.P
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Hi im 28m from Singapore, i have had the same problem since i was 10, it comes very rarely but this pain started coming more frequent when im older now, the feeling of this sharp pain is like someone hitting hard on ur left brain and it gets numb and pain for 15 or more secs..it usually occur in the middle of the night while im sleeping..
and i there were 2 occasion when im playing badminton, it suddenly strikes me, i had to sqwat down to contain the pain for 15 or more seconds.

I did a CT SCAN 3 yrs ago, doctor can't diagnoise the problem..I tried to relate this problem to people around me..seem like no one understand what im going through..please help..

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My head has been hurting 3 days straight and I not know if this symptoms of the flu or what. It has been hurting on the left font side. If you know anything about this let me know
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