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Shooting pains right side of head. (Long post)
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Shooting pains right side of head. (Long post)

Hi, I would like to start off by saying thank you for taking your time to read this. I am a 24 year old male, working in the automotive field as a technician. Going back Now to early OCT-09 I started having a very strange headache which would come and go. It would start on the top center or my head and move around. Mild- moderate amount of pain usually in spike and wasn't constant, they come and go. I started getting nervous since this was going on for 4 days and not letting off. I ended up making an appointment with my doctor about 5 days into the headache in which I wasn't taking any mediciation because the pain wasn't that great.

Did an exam, and came about the conclusion that I have a tension headache which is also influenced by my stress and anxiety which lead later on to a panic attack and depression.. Those last symptoms happend after he explained I would under go an MRI exam, after explaining the just incase there are no "Brain tumors" Being 23 at the time and having a form of hypochondria I thought to myself I would shortly die. I ended up pushing the MRI exam because of the fears I was having. I started falling apart pretty quick.. 2 days later I was having mouth pains, fully knowing I had all 4 wisdom teeth and in which the lowers were impacted and started the "Crowding effect".

I went to an oral surgen and he suggested your headaches may be caused by your teeth being impacted and that I may have minor TMJ symptoms as in clicking of the jaw and minor pain at the jaw area right below the ears. I ended up going for blood/urine work which were all good. Blood pressure for the past 2 years has always been around 80/120 or 70/110. Went for the MRI just seconds before a panic attack, which waiting 4 days for results were enough to give me a heart attack. Results came back as NEG. I was thrilled, extremely happy in which I felt the world lifted off my shoulders.

I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed which that alone was an adventure. Now about a month and 1/2 after the MRI and teeth work, I had a minor accident at work. Breaker bar slipped on the bolt and ended up hitting my left cheek (80% of the blow) and a bit over from my eye (20% of the blow). I never blacked out, I was a bit dazzed more upset than anything. I had glasses on as well which left a minor sore on my nose because of the hit. About 24 hours into it I started having a headache, Nothing unusual.. Start's off always on the right top side of the head to the right side of head as well. It would jump over acting more like a tension headache and would come and go mild to moderate pain. Eh, thinking nothing to fear I kept working. Well 5 days into this headache I said to myself ok, this can't be good. Went to the doctor again did a full exam, temp ok, blood pressure perfect, no ear infection, nothing wrong with my eyes ect.

He suggested we do a quick CT scan to rule out anything again. Feeling nervous and starting to have a panic attack again because the last thing I want to know if there is something wrong in my head.. We do a CT scan and I wait for the results in the waiting room. About 20 min's later the doctor say, you will be ok. There was no bleeding or anything abnormal. You are suffering from a minor concussion.. In which I asked did you see any tumors or anything (Being a really nervous nelly) He said no, everything is good. Recently I had a pain in my mouth. Ended up going back to the oral surgen for an exam. While there he did a quick X-ray of my right side of mouth and found that a small piece of bone was being pushed out by my body which in return was making me feel sick like throwing up. He ended up pulling out the bone and told me it will take about a week to heal.

A few days before that oral visit, I had developed quite a cough. It was a bad cough which was on and off and at times If I kept coughing one right after the other I would get a mild head pain which will only last the same duration as the cough lasted. Went back to the doctors and they told me I have post-nasal drip with a cough. They put me on 875 mg of amxillim (Spell check) some anti-bioatic pills. They also told me my ear was acting up due to ear wax which was trapped in "Middle" part of the ear. They ended up taking it out with some water. 3 days after that I ended up going to a Neurologist. He saw my CT & MRI scans and said the MRI images are pretty low quality. He ran a bunch of tests on me and said as far as motor skills and control I have no problems. He said I don't have a typical headache except they are shooting pains which are cause by muscle spams due to tension in the neck. He gave me 1 muscle relax pill for night time and a inflamatory pill for the morning. They have reduced my shooting pains 50%. He called me today for a status update in which he wasn't thrilled about the results.

He is sending me off for an MRA test. I am going there this coming Friday. I am really nervous because of the fear they might find something life threating and I will end up killing me. I suffer a lot from anxiety and stress. I am currently having depression due to the fact of feeling sad, mad, confused and hopeless. I can say however when the pain happens it's location is usually right side above the ear or in between ear and eye. Its a stab pain which lasts a second or less and If I put in finger on the spot as it occurs the pain goes away. Only very rarely does it give me a minor pain when I get up or down, or bend over. He also thinks this is because of my neck muscles being tensed. I am scared for my life right now and have no idea what to do except take this MRA non contrast test. On a scale of    1- 10 the pain is 3 or less rarely does it last longer than 3 seconds and only once out of this entire time have I felt it pulse pain for 5 seconds and even with that the pain was a level 2. The pain can shift sides at times and even move to my temple area above the eyes. I feel like my life is on hold intill they figure out what's wrong.

-Eye exam = good
-Blood and urine = good
-blood pressure = good
-CT & MRI = good
-Evaluated by neurologist --- Wants MRA done -- All test done in office = good
-Had impacted wisdom teeth which were pulled by a specialist
-One bone left behind and pulled 3 months after (Wisdom teeth)
-Shooting pains right side of head, can go away when turning head or touching that area
-Scale of 1-10 most pain is around 3 or less
-Lasts up to 3 seconds or less usually about a second or less
-Taking muscle relax and inflamation (inflammation) pills
-Was told I have minor TMJ
-Suffer from anxiety, stress and depression.
-5'7 approx 215 pounds working out has stopped intill I am diagnosed.
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I hope you're better now.  I have the shooting pains on the right side of my head, but 2 doctors have indicated it has something to do with the nerve endings.  I get a vitamin B shot about once a year when they occur, and then they go away.  I pray your issue is a simple.  
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