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Strange Headache symptoms
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Strange Headache symptoms

I am experiencing a headache I don't believe I have ever had before. I have checked many other forums and found no descriptions that match what I feel perfectly.
A week ago I became sick with (what I believe was) a small cold. My throat was very sore and I was coughing, but after a few nights of rest and a humidifier, I was feeling fine. I never had any headaches, or a fever, my temp. remained at 97 or 98 all week.
3 days ago I went out with a friend after feeling better (I still have a small cough), and let myself drink alot of soda. When I began getting headaches I believed it was only from all of the caffeine and passed it by.
Well now I realize I feel very bad, and it doesn't seem like a headache I will get rid of with only a few night's rest.

I feel very lightheaded, and occasionally feel very heavy and without energy.
Any soft of physical strain irritates it, such as coughing or sneezing, or tightening torso muscles.
There is a small, almost burning feeling when I breathe in, which is similar to when you get water up your nose while swimming.
There is is a fairly constant feeling of pressure all around my head, like I've been hanging upside down.
When I move too quickly or expend too much energy, I get dizzy, like when standing quickly after sitting for a long time. (This sensation is almost constant, not just when moving about)
Sensitive to bright light.

I only feel relief when laying down, and that only helps my body's feeling of no equilibrium. I wear glasses for only reading (and other close up viewing activities), and they don't seem to have an effect on or off.

The only instance in the last 3 days that I have taken medicine was about an hour ago, and it seems to not have any effect (my usual migraine dose of 2 Ibuprofen pills - around 400 mg. I believe)

My current temperature is 98 degrees (F), and I am most concerned with the burning sensation.
To me, it almost feels as though there is too much blood going to my head.
I am not severely stressed, have never had a panic attack, and have only fainted once in my life, a few years ago. No deep medical history to speak of, so this all seems very strange to me.

Eating and drinking seem to have no effect. I have only had water to drink since this began, and am eating normally.
I plan to see my Doctor if  this persists for more than a few more days.

Please, any information would greatly help! If it matters, I am an 18 year old female.
I really need to know if I should worry right now!
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It could really indicate anything. most likely neurological. If a headache is severe, then you could have any of these:

-a aneurysm in your brain
-a tumor
-Hormonal issue's, with you hypothalamus, or pituitary gland.
could be Hyper-hypo-thyroidism
-any bleeding, like subderal hematoma or sub arachnoid Hemorrhage    
-intracranial hemorrhage, or pressure

so have fun, you should get an MRI of your brain to narrow the the diagnosis down.  
well, thank you for your reply. the problem went away but returned a few days later so i will be scheduling a doctors appointment.

the headache isnt much of an ache, there hasnt been any severe pain, just the pressure and strange feelings i mentioned above.

it doesnt hurt at all, its just so many strange things ARE happening up there i don't know what to think...

once again, thank you, i will do what i can.
yeah well it could simply be a hormonal condition. Although if there is pressure there, then it could be a sinus issue.

keep me posted, id like to know if it was one of my diagnosis's  
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