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TENSION-TYPE headaches and pressure
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TENSION-TYPE headaches and pressure

In August 2011 I went to the gym as per normal and only being there a few minutes and warming up doing incline dumbell press, I put the weights on the floor and the room started spinning, felt sick and thought i was going to pass out. My balance was all over the place and felt rotten. I left it a few days thinking things might get better and return to normal but I kept feeling like I was going to fall over all the time and very faint.
Since that day in the gym I have lived with the following -

August 2011
Constant head pressure and tightness around the head,a tightening band around your head (a "vice-like" ache),
Blurry vision like my eyes dont focus properly (been for eye test and all fine)
Trouble focusing,concentrating,thinking and remembering things,
Feeling out of it like I have had a few alcoholic drinks
Pain on left hand ribs
Can feel my heart beating strongly throughout my body
Ears have high pitched noise (notice more when laying in bed at night) and feel full all the time
Suffer with bad circulation to hands and feet especially (never did before as they were always warm)

With the above I had numberous visits to the doctor (went for blood test but all came back fine) but they found nothing and felt like they were thinking that I was making it up. I Paid for a private MRI scan in December 2011 but they said that everything looked fine.
Then seen the Neurologist who just refered my to a pain specialist to have injections for the tightness around my head. The pain specialist said there wasn't anything he could do as it didnt look like headband tightness. He then passed me onto ENT who put a camera up my nose and said it might be narrowing of the airways but nothing came of that.
I then went for a private health check and again bloods were fine etc.
GP then told me to try 10mg Citalopram as he said that it might be anxiety. I was on them for a year and decided to come off them and just feel the same without them.
Headaches wise I have found this which does explain some of how my head feels - http://www.headaches.org/educational_modules/completeguide/tension2a.html

March 2013
Pain behind right eye (went to eye specialist in the hospital October 2013 who look at the rear of the eye and all is healthy)
Eyes feel tired

March 2014
Random muscle twitches (started with left eyelid, then randoms muscles over the body but it is constant and feels like my muscles are always ever so slightly moving if that makes sense)

November 2014
Stiffness in my neck

So this is where i am today and I need to go back to the doctors as I have just left it hoping that things will fix itself!

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The symptoms you are speaking of is a LOT like what I'm going through. About 6 months ago, maybe more my right eye started to twitch but that is also the same side I have my migrianes/tension migraines on. BUT I've been to the eye doctor they say nothing is wrong with my eyes minus some blurriness/double vision which is "normal" with the migraines I have. Mine are constant with no relief. It seems like the more pain meds I take the more rebound headaches I have, there's seriously NO end to it! I have muscle spasms in my back and right shoulder, I've tried massages, tens unit, steroid shots, nothing helps these days. I'm just one big constant pain looking for answers! I live in SO IL, I've been all the way to Chicago to a headache clinic there. Actually waiting on a call from them now! I pray you and I can find the answers we need and want so badly.
Hi and welcome to the Migraines & Headaches Community.

I know this is a frustrating road to travel. I have been driving this road for 20+ years now. And I can tell you that it is a marathon not a sprint. When it comes to treating migraines it takes time...time to try this med and this dose then that med with that dose and this combo with that combo and so on. And each person is different so, the same meds or combo of meds that works for me is not going to work for you.

You just need to be patient and work with your doctor. Go to every follow up appt. Be specific with your doctor. Take notes, write down concerns and the main thing is to make sure your doctor hears you...really hears you. Don't let him passively toss you aside. Be assertive and keep on them so, that you don't get lost in the shuffle....at the same time, understanding it will take time.

Good luck and keep us posted.
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