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Worsening constant unnatural head pressure/pain and eye problems
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Worsening constant unnatural head pressure/pain and eye problems

36 years old, 6'1", male, 180lbs, frequent exercise, regular healthy diet, some allergies, extensive U.S. and world travel.

I was a normal, healthy person who never went to a doctor and then suddenly these all started, are constant, and have been worsening:
- First symptoms: sudden intense floaters, burning eyes
- which became constant eye problems: severe burning dry eyes, "alarmingly high intraocular pressure" (ophthalmologist), surface and internal eye pain, extreme sensitivity to light, other strange visual issues
- Constant unnatural pressure/brain pain. PAIN MEDS: 0 EFFECT. Not "headaches" - constant wierd head pain/pressure. It feels really bad on waking. Sometimes it wakes me up and it feels really dangerous. When it started I remember feeling a stinging, “ashy” feeling behind eyes in head.
- Constant unnatural intense sleepiness/fatigue
- Constant brain fog, problems with concentrating and memory, disorientation, dizziness, feeling off balance
- More recently added: rushing sound in ears (like when you have the flu), and random high pitched ringing. I can tell the intense pressure is causing these.

I need to emphasize - they all came from nowhere, have all progressively gotten worse, have never disappeared.

My personal opinion: it feels like the constant head pain/pressure is the key. I think it is the root that's causing all of the neuro & eye issues.

- Ophthalmologists have said that my eyes are in danger from high IOP, tears glands not functioning properly, etc. They believe there is an "underlying cause" and stressed that it is urgent that it is found.
- Rheumatologist tested Sjogren's (including lip biopsy) and Rheum Arthritis: negative
- MRI normal, CT Head normal
- Pressure not sinus. ENT CT sinus: clear. When airways are clear still feel head pressure/pain. I did have quite a few sinus infections growing up.
- The constant strange head pain/pressure feels dangerous.
- Cholesterol 260. Doc: likely genetic
- In the 2 years before all of the symptoms started I did have some random weirdness: daylong dizzy spells, migraine with aura, pool of blood inside my eye out of nowhere,  first hint of photophobia, some bad lung issues including Pleurisy. None of these had ever happened before.
- Shortly before everything started I went to the Australian rain forest and Arizona desert.
- Growing up, averaging once a year I’d have a strange episode if I exerted myself too much where there was a sudden intense pressure/burning sensation in my head and my vision would grey out for a short while. Disturbing, but just wrote it off to strange body quirk. Related?
- I just went to a local neurologist who listened to my story and mainly just looked confused. Asked if my MRI was normal.
- I'm preparing to go to a major academic medical research hospital, but the appointment could be really far off.

These issues have majorly disabled reading, exercise, my job, my life. This is a living nightmare. I'm in pain, scared, and desperate. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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Avatar n tn
I am 35 year old white female.  For atelast a week now I have a headache just in the right front of my head, behind my eye.  I have had sudden severe headaches here off and on for a few years now, I just let it go as a normal headache. This nonstop headache has followed 4 to five days of major swelling particularly on that right side and eye. For the sweeling I took prednisone and a z pack.  It is just slighly swollen now, but my right eye is bulging out more than the left.  I have simply been taking advil for the last week at about 600 mg per dose 12000 a day. I also suffer from occasional vertigo.  I would like to think this is just sinus problems. Any advice from some one in the know?
Oh yeah my blood pressure is usually borderline the high numbers.......when I am not taking birthcontrol it is much lower.  It still is not high enough to be causing any problems I would not think, it is borderline only.
Thanks Shannon
Avatar n tn
I think it could be related to the pressure in your eyes... that needs to be lowered.  Do you suffer from high blood pressure becasue the two are related and the symptoms seem connected.  I have a higher than normal pressure in my eyes which is genetic, but it doesn't usually cause any problems, go back to your doc and get to the bottom of it
Avatar m tn
I have pressure that sounds similar but maybe not as intense but still very intense.  I was told mine was caused from a head injury.  They said my eyes are moving faster than my brain.  I went to therapy and was doing all types of eye exercises.  It took a while but I think the pressure is almost gone.  
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