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cardiac migraines
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cardiac migraines

I am wondering if anyone has migraines that are effecting their heart vessels... I have been a migrainer for over 50 years.. and the past three years my migraines have been mimicking angina attacks... many doctors do not believe this but I have kept records and when I have a cardiac migraine... I do not have a head migraine... and vica versa... they are becoming more severe and more debilitating...
Is there anyone out there that has been having these same symptoms...
pain and/or tightness in chest
heart palpitations and fluttering (but pulse normal)
heart pounding in chest
shallow breathing
fatigue and general malaise..
After the attack is over I feel just like I do with the aftermath of a
head migraine...
These are getting worse and I fear they are effecting my heart and my health. I have had many heart tests, the halter monitor, the weeklong monitor and the results are negative for heart problems.
I am a 77 year old active woman and am mostly a weather migrainer and worse in the late winter and spring.
Would appreciate any help from others who are having these types of migraines.
Thank you.... Desperate in the Kootenays

Margaret J. Kehler
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Avatar n tn
well i am having something because my head is hurting along with my chest and it is not a very good feeling if you know what I mean I am only 27 years old and i wish i could get over this
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