head pain, tremors, swollen lymph nodes
by jab8, Jan 24, 2008
I am only 25 years old and am having a very hard time right now. I have so many symptoms that came on suddenly a few days after a very stressful Christmas. They appeared in this order over the course of a week: migraine, swollen lymph nodes, one very swollen lymph node on right side that became less swollen over the course of a week while on antibiotics, head pain, head pressure, sinus-infection-like symptoms without any congestion, chest pains, irregular heart beat, increased pulse rate(90-100), increased blood pressure (130/90), fatigue, anxiety, internal tremor and sometimes hand tremors. This all began with the swollen lymph nodes, headaches and head pain 3+ weeks ago and progressed to chest pain (which has mostly subsided), tremors, and head pressure now. What gives?
The tremors are the most distressing. As well as not knowing what is wrong.
I have been healthy my whole life with the exception of kidney stones and have always had pretty good blood pressure, pulse rate, etc.
I have considered that it is some kind of viral infection (West Nile?), heart problem (mitral valve prolapse?), or even a thyroid problem (although my tests came back okay). I have a history of panic attacks but I don't think this is caused by that. My Dad was in the hospital for a long time when he was 40 with undiagnosed problems (passing out, seizures) which was eventually diagnosed as Epstein Barr. My doctor is stumped as to what's wrong with me and I am considering a round of anti-viral and nutritional IVs.
Has anyone had this happen to them?
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by Vanessa LacuestaBlank, Jan 26, 2008

An underlying systemic infection may be likely in your case.Are your lymph nodes still swollen?

Have they subsided with antibiotics?

Was an infectious medicine specialist consulted?

Any serologic tests for EBV or tuberculin tests for tuberculosis done just to rule out some differentials?

Was a peripheral blood smear done?

A series of tests may be done since headaches associated with  swollen  lymph nodes require further evaluation.

Keep us posted with your answers .
by jab8, Jan 30, 2008
My lymph nodes are still swollen but the most pronounced one did go down while I was on antibiotics for six days. The tremors didn't start until after I was done with the antibiotics. An infectious disease Dr. has not been consulted yet, but I am going to a ND who specializes in neurology on Friday afternoon. It is difficult to wait. I have had no TB test, no blood smear. I had an ECG done on Monday and the doctors said that I might have mitral valve prolapse which can be caused by a virus. I am still shaking in my chest and hands, and my right arm feels heavier than normal. I'm still having headaches all over my head. Sometimes I have chest pain which MVP can cause. I am more low energy than normal. I am also pretty low in B12 and have gotten 3 B12 injections in the past three weeks. The last docs I saw thought that I should be tested for Lyme disease, West Nile, and Epstein Barr.
by jab8, Jan 30, 2008
Also, I sometimes have nausea. And diarrhea. And a lot of anxiety. I take a very small amount of Xanax at night to sleep and one doctor told me that it could make my symptoms worse. Should I be concerned about this? The shaking is better (but still present) after I eat meals- especially meat- and usually if I do something relaxing like massage or yoga.
by Vanessa LacuestaBlank, Jan 30, 2008
Hi ,

Presence of the swollen lymph nodes seem to focus on some underlying infectious problem.Its response to anibiotics makes this differential a little stronger.With no tests done yet to rule out an infection ( eg EBV ), it still remains to be a primary diffferential .The tremors,headaches and weakness or heaviness may be symptoms that stem out from the underlying primary problem.Has any physician mentioned of a heart murmur when they examined you?

Anxiety and nutritional deficiencies may bring about tremors and weakness. If your current diet with meat and relaxation measures do help ,then you may continue them but do inform your physicians about these.Too much worrying will not help.Find ways to relax .At this point, only differentials may be provided.Diagnostic test resuts are needed to help plan for the next step towards your management.

by shiny09, Mar 26, 2009

im have been having the exact same problems as you have for the last year. im a 18 year old female and i have also been healthy up until this. i have seen a neurologist and he told me that a certain part of a blood vessel in my brain was enlarged possibly as a result of a head injury but he said that this was not the cause of my symptoms as it is too small. he recommended i go see a infectious disease specialist but my doctor disagreed and is now sendin me to a immunologist. the doctors also originally tested my thyroid but it came back negative although everything seems to be pointing to that. my lymph nodes are very swollen and painful also especially on the right side and are very viisible and when they swell dey also hurt my jaw alot. my blood pressure ranges from normal to extremely high on different days. i have been on 6 courses of anti inflammatorys one after the other and although it helped the swelling a little they did not go down..hope you get better soon
by shiny09, Mar 26, 2009
i also had to get b12 injections as it was very low ...114 to be exact
go back and get checked again as i was rold you're supposed to get maintenance after it
it could me pernicious anaemia
by Tianne92, Mar 30, 2009
I've been experiencing nearly all the same symptoms you have over the course of the last 2 weeks. It all started with a really fast heart beat that wouldn't slow down no matter what i did, and then pains in my chest. I ended up in the hospital but all my tests came back clear so i was sent home, but the next day my lymph nodes in my neck, under my right arm and in the crease of my arm were slightly swollen and really sore and the muscle in my arm was really tight and hard to move. Then i started to get sinus symptoms so my doctor did x-rays of them believing that was the cause but they came back clear as well and now I'm suffering from really bad migraines and pressure in the front of my head and back of my eyes, along with really bad fatigue. I've had slight tremors over this period but not to bad just occasionally I'll start to shake . The pressure in my head is becoming worse and more frequent, but I'm still yet to have an answers to whats causing it.

I wish Good luck to you and i hope they find a solution.
by jab8, Apr 09, 2009
This is the person who posted the original post. This all began over a year ago. It took months to get better- I also ended up getting some B12 injections and really trying to take care of myself nutritionally. I still don't know what was wrong during this time. Eventually the tremors, headaches and high blood pressure all went away. My lymph node is still enlarged, but my doctor says that just happens sometimes when nodes are swollen for a long time. Overall, however, I am completely better. It was a very frustrating and trying time for me (and scary!), so I understand how you feel. Just be patient with yourself and try to do things that are calming and healthy. I think light exercise during that time helped a lot.
by Jeff_E, Aug 04, 2009
Hello, from the description of many of the symptoms posted it sounds very possible that there is a parasitic infection that is the root cause. I would recommend going on an anti-parasite regimen.