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hipnic headache
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hipnic headache

Yes they finally have a name for the headaches that wake me in the night between 1 am and 5am..
but ...seemingly no "cure"
I decided to go online and wow was i surprised at all these poor people suffering the same as me ..so much sleep deprivation.
It seems to hit people who are 50 and over, this makes me think it could be hormonal..
I have also been told by a homeopath that it could be blood sugar levels out of balance..
I never had these before i turned 50..
I was on "gluco balance " for a while this really helped but they came back but it was a few months relief, lovely..
I find a "real" coffee helps immediately, (we have a stove top expresso maker)
I  am not great with all the heavy medication, so need something more natural..
The coffee is a magic bullet, but only works to relieve it for the moment you  are having the headache.
For longer term results I used a homeopathic called "Coloc" dosage 1M 1 daily for 6 days which worked REALLY well. But still like the glucobalance, the h/a came back..
I get heavy menopause hot flush symptoms as well, can only think its all connected to a hormonal imbalance.
Does anyone have any info on this?
so looking for what makes them happen
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Avatar dr f tn
How are you? Hypnic headaches is indeed often associated with the elderly population  and can occur exclusively at night. The cause is not clear but this has been associated with patients with other types of headaches. To establish if you have this rare primary headache disorder, you will need to see your doctor for proper evaluation to rule out primary headaches as well as those with underlying issues. Additional diagnostic tests may need to be done also. The most common treatment is with lithium carbonate in combination with caffeine. Take care and do keep us posted.
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