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Anyone have Migraine with NO HEADACHE?
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A place for migraineurs to discuss anything and everything related to migraines. Topic suggestions: Think of this as a support group for migraineurs. Reach out to group members when ever you need support. Give your support to fellow migraineurs. You, as a migraineur yourself, probably have a wealth of knowledge to share with others. The knowledge that you have could vastly improve the quality of life for another group member. Share share share! Discuss your current acute and preventative treatment plans. Ask others about their current acute and preventative treatment plans. Discuss past acute and preventative treatment plans as well... we can always learn something from what didn't work! Discuss your own personal tips and tricks for lessening the severity of acute migraine attacks. Post about your upcoming GP or Neurologist appointments. Ask other group members questions about what to expect and suggestions on how to prepare. Update fellow group members on your progress... both on set backs (so that we can provide support, suggestions and hope!) and on successes (so that we can congratulate you and so that you can provide other group members with hope!).

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Anyone have Migraine with NO HEADACHE?

I have severe episodes of vertigo, slurred speech/trouble finding words... I basically feel "off" and fuzzy in the head. I have had many many tests and scans and have seen several doctors. The possibility of Migraine has come up a couple times and I was given Meclazine and Antivert which did nothing for me (that was 8 years ago).

I am looking for anyone who is diagnosed with Migraine (basilar?) and has NO headache pain... what are your symptoms, your experience, how long do they last, how often, what meds do you take, etc.

Thanks so much!
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I can't say I fit into the category of no headache pain with migraines.  But I wonder, what all were you tested for?  Did they do an MRA/MRV of your brain?  With your vertigo, did they send you to an ear, nose and throat doctor and get a VNG test run?  Did they take a look at your cervical spine and see if something was wrong there, as that can cause balance issues?  
The slurred speech/trouble find words and other symptoms would cause me concern about a possible TIA.  I have had one and my neurologist has me on medication and is constantly watching to make sure I don't have another one or a stroke.

I have had horrible migraines since I was 6, they run in my family ... every person has them.  I have had 3 this week which is entirely not normal for me.    

As for the vertigo, etc., I have 3 balance disorders, one of which is rare.  It sounds very similar to what you go through.  If a neurologist doesn't find anything, see a neuro-otologist.  This is a neurologist that specializes in balance and hearing problems.  Some states only have one or two of these specialists.  I would be suspicious that this may be the cause of your problems.
Hi CB1122,

For a couple of years I used to get migraines with visual auras but no headaches. I would sometimes also get migraines with aura and headache... but often the migraines with aura would happen without a headache. When I would get those headaches, I would see a visual aura, specifically scintillating scotoma, for a few minutes and sometimes up to half an hour. This sort of migraine is very common.

I know that my migraine without headache experience doesn't sound much like yours, but I do also sometimes get migraines with stroke-like symptoms. But, my migraines with stroke-like symptoms have always been associated with a headache. Although, there are others in this group who have stroke-like symptoms with no headache, so it is possible!

Keep in touch with your family doctor and your neurologist if your migraine pattern every changes, and if you ever experience new stroke-like symptoms make sure to seek emergency medical attention.

I hope you get a diagnosis soon! Keep in touch!

- marilee
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