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No actual question-just a hi to everyone!
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A place for migraineurs to discuss anything and everything related to migraines. Topic suggestions: Think of this as a support group for migraineurs. Reach out to group members when ever you need support. Give your support to fellow migraineurs. You, as a migraineur yourself, probably have a wealth of knowledge to share with others. The knowledge that you have could vastly improve the quality of life for another group member. Share share share! Discuss your current acute and preventative treatment plans. Ask others about their current acute and preventative treatment plans. Discuss past acute and preventative treatment plans as well... we can always learn something from what didn't work! Discuss your own personal tips and tricks for lessening the severity of acute migraine attacks. Post about your upcoming GP or Neurologist appointments. Ask other group members questions about what to expect and suggestions on how to prepare. Update fellow group members on your progress... both on set backs (so that we can provide support, suggestions and hope!) and on successes (so that we can congratulate you and so that you can provide other group members with hope!).

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No actual question-just a hi to everyone!

Thank you, Marileew, et al
For starting this group...I'll try harder to check in.  I, like everyone here suffers from the dreaded "headbangers".  Mine are daily, since youth...and escalating in severity.  To recap meds...have covered most & combos, and alternatives;  now relying on benicar/ prophylaxis; botox injections every 3 mos.; relpax -prn; narc if needed -compazine for nausea;
I also have seizures that I take lg dose of topamax for.  Have checked for rebound...but not the case.  Have done migraine diet; I see my neuro every 3 mos.  I feel for all of you - I figure sooner or later, someone will come across something that will help.  But I know there are worse things...so
Thanks again for being here, cause there are days when things get "crazy" and the pain gets well you all know :O)
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sorry that you qualify to be in this group, but welcome!
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Sounds like you have a good arsenal LOL...........I think all of us do.  Sorry to hear you have seizures also, sometimes headaches come bofore or after those also.  
Glad to hear from you and always feel free to check in or ask a question!
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Thanks for being a part of the group, it's all of the people who have joined the group like you that make it an awesome place for support!

I also get botox injections every 3 months. Do you find that they are working for you? I don't know if the shots help with my migraines, but the shots have completely stopped my chronic neck and shoulder pain! So, I think it's worth it and I keep getting it every 3 months. The relief of back and neck pain has improved my life so much, so I really love botox!

I did the migraine diet too, but it didn't work at all for me. It ended up just making me lose too much weight and I got pretty sick and my migraines even worsened when I was on the diet. I'm pretty sure that my migraines are mostly triggered by weather changes. My neurologist tells me that a lot of the times, migraines can happen for no good reason and absolutely no trigger can be found. Do you know of any personal triggers? Or do you find that most of your migraines just happen out of the blue?

Talk again soon!
- marilee
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