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army dependent medical records retrevial
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army dependent medical records retrevial

how do i to get mine and my sons medical records from fitzsimmons army medical facility since they have closed.  i need mine for my va claim.  i was a dependent at the time i was seen at fitzsimmons.

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You have a big problem. The liklihood is they were destroyed. If not destroyed they were put in cardboard boxes and sent for storage without indexing or means for retrieval. If over seven years have passed, that is the statutory time period before destruction. Undoubtedly x-rays were destroyed and reclaimed for silver content.

There is the official and unofficial way to locate them, if they exist.

Another possibility is to reconstruct the records, if you remember the names of the treating physicians, if they remember you.

Find out who worked in the hospital when it was open and in charge of records. They probably have a GS rating and, instead of retiring. went to another facility. Ask them, or someone invoplved in the closing of the hospital, where the records went.

Find out what facilities were cited as replacements for this hospital. It is possible your records were laterally transferred to one of these hospitals.

Other than that, purchase a copy of the FOI manual from the government printing office. You really need the manual - not internet advice.

This specifies the nuts and bolts or the procedure.

You want to request the document that outlined the closing-down procedure for Fitzsimmons. The military has an SOP for everything. In that document you will find out exactly how patient records were disposed of.

Step two is to follow the yellow brick road.
Here's a website that might get you started:

Please....for everyone who is still active duty that might be reading this....this is why I stress to obtain a copy of your and any dependant medical records prior to ETS from active duty!!  This is so important!!
tricare also keeps a slightly different version of these records...and when members ets, they are usually given a full copy of their medical/dental/vision records(at least my fiance and everyone we know were) for dependants, i'm not too sure about that

i do know that a servicemember cannot obtain dependant records unless dependant is a minor(my fiance has tried)...
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