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my husband says i have body odour.
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my husband says i have body odour.

Hi i'm really depressed and at a dead end now came across this site hoping to get some sort of answer.
My husband says to me that i smell of body odour a lot of the time, some times i can smell on me a bit but most of the time i am confident that i dont smell of anything. Sometimes i'm thinking he's just being spiteful because he knows how much i feel embarrased and ashamed of smelling like that. I've tried all sorts of things even using prescribed roll on to stop me from sweating. Even when i've stopped sweating he's told me i still smell. What can i do now i have tried everything i just feel like giving up on our relationship because i half feel like hes being honest with me so hes telling to help myself. At the same time the way says it to me just sounds spiteful to me aswell, i really dont know i just need someone to give me some helpful advice. Sorry its so long i'm jus pouring my heart on here dont know were to turn to. Kind regards

Hi yfy,

It sounds like it is quite a stressful unhappy relationship with your husband, and it is possible that his obsession with your 'body odor' may have nothing to do with your actual smell at all.  My first advice would be to seek out a caring counselor you can talk with to support you through this stressful time.  Sometimes the food we eat can affect body odour, as can stress, but my gut feeling is that this may be about something deeper than you natural body odour.  Has anyone else or yourself ever noticed an odour?  

Another good idea is going to visit your doctor to discuss with him the situation and get a medical opinion about this supposed body odour.  My guess is that your doctor will not be able to detect anything abnormal, and this would indeed point to the problem being not with you but with your husband emotionally harming you, but getting your doctor's opinion is the best way to go.  Don't be shy about asking your doctor or think that it's a silly question because it isn't--this is an issue that is having a huge effect on your emotional health and your doctor will only want to help you get to the bottom of it so you can start feeling better!:)

I think you need a 3rd opinion. I don't think we can really smell ourselves unless it is really bad.
If it turns out that you have an unpleasant body odor, there may be a medical reason and I would have it checked out.
However, natural (non sweaty) body odor is just that. I do not see anything offensive about smelling like a human being, as long as one is hygienic.

I have heard that eating pineapple gives the body a sweet odor but I have never tried it.
Good luck to you.
I might suggest to your husband he have his olfactory glads checked. Sometimes what we think is a problem with another person is actually our own problem.
Your husband my indeed be trying to tell you to help yourself.  Go to the doctor and get a complete physical.  Odor can be something telling you there is a medical problem.  You could have a bacterial infections for one.  I once had an excessive sweating problem.  It went on for months and was ruining my life and clothes.  Finally a medical professional found out the problem and proscribed me medication.  I stopped excessively sweating in just two days.
Go to the doctor and see what is causing this excessive smell.  If your doctor doesn't know... ask for a referral to a specialist.  I'm sure your husband would be supportive in finding the cause.  

Let us know your results
Hi yfy.

1 You need to rekindle your relationship with your husband!
You gut feelings are probably truer than your logic.
A stressful situation at home, produces even more harmful chemicals in your body, perhaps contributing to your issues.

2. Chlorophyll is a natural deodorizer. Eating green-including fresh herbs-
will help you detoxify. Meat on the other hand, staying much longer in your body, may produce offensive smelling bacteria and toxins, so reducing its consumption will help. Also avoid processed and manufactured foods, as they contain dyes, preservatives, addititives, enhancers, fillers etc.
you get the idea. Eat as natural and fresh as possible.

3. Do not overdo it with anti-perspirants. It is a natural detoxification process to perspire. I have never liked the aluminum in those products

4. Your husband may suffer from parosmia or dysosmia or phantosmia
Ask other people close to you, if the have noticed an offensive odor,
emitted from your body. Their answer may help you determine if he's making it up, exaggerating or if HE has an olfatory problem.

5. Use meditation-like deep conscious breathing- to clear your mind and  help you distress.

Hope this info is useful, however is not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

Hi, You did not mention what kind of smell.. There was a show on food hospital about a woman who smells like fish. She is embarrassed to be in public. At the Food Hospital TV show they advised her to eat and not eat certain foods and it got her better..
Search on Google : Fish Odour Syndrome..
There's wealth of information on line. I hope you find what you need.
Thank you all for the usefull comments. I have recently being diagnosed with depression which explains a lot. I have being trying natural remedies such as white wine vinegar and sea salt which is meant to eliminate odor and neutralise. I forgot to mention that my husband also has an obsession with smelling things whether its a piece of sweet or anything strange he will smell it first, so i dont know if his nose is very sensitive to some of the smells that i cannot smell or if he has some of the conditions mentioned above. I have also been using driclor to stop me sweating it has worked so far but i have not been brave enough to ask him if i still smell or not incase im disapointed from all the efforts ive put into trying not to smell if i do smell anyways. But thank you all for being so helpful :-)
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