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Endometrious and Mirena?
So iv had my mirena for 7 months now.
I had a lap operation in june, for the insertion, and i had alot of endo removed. it was everywhere.
The doctors said i t was one of the worst cases they have ever seen
Im only 19 years old, and when i first got the mirena i had my period for a good 4 months and then spotting.
I had pains a tiny bit every day.
But all of a sudden yesterday they hit me bad, it was like the pains i used to get before i had the operation.
Its all in my uterus and im back and down the front of my legs. ( the pain)
I also got diagnosed with PCOS  the other day to, ehh.
So yeah,  guess im just wondering if my endo is coming back and if ill need another operation again?

Thanks :)
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