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Mirena IUD Experience
Wow! Where do I begin? I'm 20+ and I've had my IUD in for nearly 2.5 months. Before the IUD was inserted I heard nothing but great things about the Mirena from all of my doctors. Then, 8 weeks after I had my baby and the IUD was inserted, I have heard nothing but gruesome horror stories about this device from others. BUT let me express to you my experience thus far.

Irregular Periods & Cramping
Since insertion of the IUD, I have only experienced light spotting. However, I have been experiencing some severe cramping off and on (approx. 1-2 times a day). Literally, it feels as though someone is shoving a knife in my stomach. Last week, I went in for a checkup to see if the device had been improperly placed. The ultrasound tech performed a trans-vaginal & regular ultrasound on me. According to my Dr., the IUD was properly placed & the results looked phenomenal. BUT why didn't I feel PHENOMENAL? As explained by my Dr., severe cramping is a normal symptom and will probably occur for the next couple of months. I have yet to discover if this cramping will really and truly go away.

After birth, I weighed 232. Before I had the Mirena inserted 8 weeks later, I weighed 207. Since I've had the Mirena, I've lost 4 lbs and am still losing. Also, I do not diet or exercise. However, I do believe the fact that I breastfeed may play a major role in my weight loss.

Sex Drive:
Ha! Not to be too detailed BUT I don't think I can get enough of my husband. LOL!!!! Before I got the IUD, our sex life was great. Afterwards, it was even greater. I will leave it at that!

I'm pretty sure someone would become depressed after finding out that they have something inserted in them that could possibly cause them more harm than good. I've found myself wrecking my brain over whether I should keep this thing in or take it out. I've start thinking crazy thoughts like, "what if I die and my baby is left motherless" or "what if I can never conceive again"? Does that not sound depressing? Well, other than what I've mentioned I do not think I am so depressed that I need antidepressants. I'm just trying to understand if this thing is for me or against me. That's all.

Hair Loss:
Well, my hair always falls out when I comb it. BUT not so much to where it is noticeable. Since this has been going on since before I got the Mirena, I do not think it has anything to do with it,

My experience with the Mirena has not been so bad as others. The only downfall for me is the severe cramping. I will update in a few months if things begin to go downhill for me.
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