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I would like to share my experience with the Mirena IUD. I had it inserted because many of my girlfriends did for one main purpose: not to have their period. My whole menstrual life has been accompanied with cramps, crazy PMS, signs of depression and big hormone changes. I thought I would give it a chance. Why not? At the first week of the insertion, I had a lot of pain, that phased out, and my Dr. said I shouldn't do a lot of effort, but I went swimming (2m) open sea circuit, then I came back cramping. But after a while I was OK with the IUD, however I NEVER stopped having my period like I expected. Some of the months I had, and also spotting for more than 25 days non stop. I gave 3 years a chance. It didn't change. My cramps were diminished but I still had it, but my period kept coming. I don't use it as a contraceptive anyways because I don't have a boyfriend it will be 3 years now. My face had current breakouts, also back and chest, and sometimes random cramp. But every woman reacts differently but I'm one of the cases that IT DOESN'T work for that 'stop the period' purpose. So that was my experience.  
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