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High Natural Killer Cells a reason for early miscarriages -is someone t...
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High Natural Killer Cells a reason for early miscarriages -is someone there someone that tested positive and had a succeful pregnancy?

Hello everyone. I feel bad for everyone that experienced with awful and cruel pain of miscarriage. I just miscarried few weeks ago with my 4th and I'm here because I need some help.

I recently came across with publications and older posts on different forums that sustain that the women Immunity system can be responsible for miscarriage. More exactly, an Elevated Number of Natural killer Cells can lead to early spontaneous abortion by simply causing the uterus to reject the pregnancy.

I suffered 4 early heartbreaking miscarriages and since all the tests we have done on both my husband and me, including kariotype are normal, now I'm interested to test for NATURAL KILLER Cells and other immunity system connected tests. My doctor showed very interested to have me tested for NK cells

In this regard I have a question and look forward for your reply.
- Is there someone that tested positive with High Natural Killer Cells and follow a successful treatment with Prednisolone/ Prednisone?
-Is there someone suffering of recurrent early miscarriages and fallowed a good treatment that lead to a successful pregnancy?

I appreciate your help. Your advice and experience is well received and believe it will be very helpful. Thank you Very much!
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wasn't tested for NK cells but my doc suspected I had it since I had 2 unexplained miscarriages both were missed miscarriages, he placed me on prednisolone and metformin while I was TTC and currently I am six weeks pregnant and he says I will continue the treatment until I am three months pregnant. in both pregnancies before the rate of growth was wrong and I had no symptoms. I hope this one sticks hoping and praying for the best.
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I have also tested positive for slightly raised NK Cells. I am sure there are woman out there who have had a successful pregnancy with raised NK Cells, but being honest that would depend on how high the NK Cells are. If your tested and it's very high, then having a successful pregnancy would be harder.

However even with a low, meduim or high NK count, then there are many forms of treatment. With a low or meduim count, then Prednisone would be very effective depending upon the does of the steriod. If ur level is very very High, then u might only benifit from having the IVIG. Again this all depends and it depends on how ur body reacts.

What will happen they will check ur NK Level and depending upon the level they will then prescribe you with a low does steriod, after about 2 months they will retest ur NK level to see how effective the Prednisone has been, depending upon the results they will either lower/higher the doseage. However if u fall pregnant quickly, then I would suggest that you pay for 1-2 Intralip session this will protect ur pregnancy until you get the NK results back, otherwise if the steriod is not effective enough, and ur pregnancy in those 1-2 weeks while ur awaiting on the NK results, there could be a risk to ur pregnancy.

I am on Prednisone, 10mg, as I have slight raised NK Levels.

I wish you all the best, but I suggest you have the NK test done and alot of woman also take asprin, i don't have a blood clotting issue, but i take 1 everyday, ur blood before thicker in pregnancy and blood clots can form in the placenta and this leads to miscarriages. I am doing this to be on the safe side, and my doctor is fine with it. However woman who do take this asprin can only take 75 to 85mg, this is low does asprin, if u take normal asprin it's too STRONG, so it MUST be LOW DOSE ONLY :-)

I would also read out on Progrestrone levels and ask for this blood test.

This is a fantasic book called: Is Your Body Baby Friendly by Alan Beer. You can order it quite cheap on Amazon, I suggest u buy it, very good book and cover a section about NK Cells, very informative book.

Takecare, Rachel x x

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Sorry for the spelling errors, I was meant to say if ur pregnant, and while you await on ur NK Cell re-test, then I suggest u get 1-2 session of Intraplid.  This will protect your pregnancy, just in case if the Prednisone dosage was not high enough.

Also as mentioned in pregnancy ur blood becomes thicker, so low does Asprin is very effective at 75mg-85mg.

Hope my info was helpful
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