Natural Miscarriage
by Miscarriage2009, Aug 02, 2009
I wanted to post this question and hear about other women's natural miscarriage stories and experiences...

I was 8.5 weeks (getting ready to go in for my first DR check up) when I started to spot. I called the DR office but they wouldn't see me (as I was a new patient) and they suggested going to the ER instead. I have been pregnant before and gave birth to a healthy baby without any bleeding or complications, so this time around, I knew that I was having a miscarriage... Also, as my bleeding and cramping increased, I realized that this was indeed a miscarriage and there was nothing the the ER could do about it.

So, I decided to avoid any further medical involvement and have a natural miscarriage at home. Next day, my cramps started to increase and I could feel my uterus tightening/shrinking as well, just like after a delivery. I passed mulitple blood clots and large objects, (but I haven't had the need to carefully investigate them). At this point, it's been one week and cramps are getting very rare. I have been bleeding less and less each day, and I hope that I'm passing everything there is to pass.

With this post I was hoping to hear from other women who chose natural miscarriages over D&C, and about their bleeding timeline... I needed some assurance that I'm doing the right thing, as my husband and most of the relatives are pressuring me to get a D&C, but I don't want to see a doctor for a check up until I feel that I've passed everything and at that point, they can confirm it.

I appreciate you sharing your stories! This site has been very informative and has helped me a lot! Thank you all!!!
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by sue68, Aug 03, 2009
I'm so sorry for what you're going through. I had two m/c's and chose to have them naturally. The first I waited about 3 weeks - it was blighted ovum. Started out with passing liver like tissue and some bleeding  - plus the occasional cramping. Two days later had horrible cramps ,bleeding and clots - and for two hours was painful until the sac came out. After that the pain lessened and I bled for about 3 - 4 days ( red blood ) and then it turned lighter.   I didn't make an appointment after but the nurse told me to just look out for signs of infection: heavy bleeding - a pad / hour, fever, foul discharge etc...  
The second m/c was recent ( June 20th).  I was 8 weeks and waited 4 weeks.  This time didn't pass large clots but, had cramping that started out mild and increased by early evening.  Got intense for a couple hours until tissue and (popped) sac came out. Bled for over a week and then it petered down to light spotting. Still had a positive hpt test on july 19th. thought I'd wait it out to test again.

I've read average bleeding takes 7 to 10 days - but, if you're bleeding excessively you should go in.  Also keep lookout for signs of infection. You might want to go in to get checked that all was expelled .  I know I should practice what I preach =but just got my period again so I'm thinking the hcg levels are zero.

  Good luck to you - sorry for your loss again. Feel free to contact me if you need to talk.
by MrsChism, Aug 03, 2009
My heart goes out to you hun. I am "at the moment" going through a miscarriage myself. I've been bleeding for 9 days now. I have passed a couple of clots, but wasn't really sure what exactly I was looking for. As in, what the sac would look like once it came out. I went in for a follow up ultrasound today, and I still haven't passed everything. I keep insisting on doing this the natural way. So my doc gave me some tablets to take that would simply just open up my cervix and get things going. I'm trying my best to avoid the D&C, due to all the complications that can come later. I asked my doc if it was normal to be bleeding this long and she said that it is different for everyone. As long as you don't have any signs of infections "high fever, discharge, etc" that you should be fine. But if I were you, I would go in for a check up just to make sure that everything is doing what it should and that you aren't developing an infection. It can't hurt!! I hope the very best for you, and remember YOUR NOT ALONE!
by Miscarriage2009, Aug 03, 2009
Thank you for your post and your support! It's been 9 days now, and it seems like everything's back to normal. I have no cramping and very rare spotting. I believe that I will take a hpt test in couple of days and then go in to see a Dr just in case, just to make sure that all is well...

Thanks again for your help! This site and site memebers have been a tremendous help in this situation!

by sue68, Aug 03, 2009
Hi Miscarriage2009,

I highly recommend that you wait a couple of weeks before taking a hpt test because the hcg levels are still there so you most likely will get a positive.  Just to be safe - keep a lookout for signs of infection.  Again, I'm so sorry for your loss.  


I'm sorry for what you're going through now too. I was insistent on having my m/c's naturally m/c too. I had waited minimum 3 weeks for both - and even had the prescription for cytotec as back up ( meaning when I gave up ).   My doctor had also told me that everyone's experience is different.   You said you're passing clots -  have you had any cramping ?   How far along are you in your pregnancy ?  As you told Miscarriage2009, and I'm telling you now - you are not alone either.  Everyone has been or is going through the same situation -know that you can always come here to ask questions or just for an ear or shoulder to lean on. No question is too crazy or ridiculous  - and we're all here to comfort and boost each other.    Good luck to you.  

by MrsChism, Aug 04, 2009
I have had A LOT of cramping, I've been taking naproxen for the pain. I woke up this morning with extremely bad cramps, and continued to pass clots, but still no tissue. I'm getting very frustrated and am sick of the pain. I just don't want to take those pills, it will just make me feel worse. But I'm almost to the point of giving up on my own body. Its been very comforting to know that I'm not making the wrong decision on doing this the natural way. MISCARRIAGE2009~listen to yourself, and not anyone else! You know whats best for your body! I really appreciate you ladies sharing your stories and I hope we can all find comfort in each other to get through these difficult times! Your all in my prayers
by snagglepuss1, Aug 04, 2009
My first 3 pregnancies were sadly lost, my 3rd ended in complete miscarriage at a little over 6 weeks gestation. I started spotting a little, which a couple of days later gradually got heavier and heavier from 1st spotting to loss of sac was 4 days, I then bled for 2 weeks afterwards going from very heavy blood loss to light.
by Felonyanthrax, Aug 04, 2009
    It seems to me that in all the years people were baby-making, miscarrages were as natural as birth itself; women have been doing this without drugs or any other interference from doctors.
    As for experience I went to the emergency room and apperently miscarriage is right above splinter so after waiting an hour I went home. I was consoled by my bestfriend as I held my palm sized baby. Yes there will be pain, think of it as a warm up trial before your body is truely ready to bring a child into this world. Although the pain builds up, as does blood and until you pass your sleeping angel it gets worse. You must also remember it takes some lady's bodies time to realize something is wrong, some notice sooner then others and thus it will appear to last longer.
    The first miscarriage I had to see if i was a negitive or positive blood type if you are negitive you may never be able to have children unless you are given a shot, think of it as blood poisoning. The other thing you might want to do is to make sure you body did infact restore order in the uterus via ultra sound. I am a believer if your body did it right once it will continue in that pattern. I can get pregnant alas I cannot carry... honostly I wouldnt worry about the physical aspect, the emotional aspect however is a burden indeed; surround yourself with love, friends and family.
by Miscarriage2009, Aug 04, 2009
You were dead on. I took the hpt test and it was positive. At this point, it's been 10 days now and the bleeding has stopped completely. I believe that I will go and see a doctor next week (get an ultrasound, check up, etc...)

Thanks again for all of your suggestions, support, and stories!
by thomas_943, Aug 10, 2009
I'm on my second mc, not realizing the first what it was. I did realize this time that I was pregnant, suprised my bf with baby booties and started picking out names. Then I started bleeding, period amount. While I have no pain or clots and my hcg isn't going down, but isn't going up the way it should, I'm still in limbo as to whether or not i'm mcing. If and when i find out that i am though, natural is the only way I will go. I had my first child in a natural vag birth, thats the way the rest will happen as well. I've also read that the d&c works like a suction hose or vaccuum, and the side effects of this affect the cervix. It loosens it up, while that doesn't sound too bad to some, it can results in more mc and premature births. I agree with  Felonyanthrax, women have been doing this for years, and if 1 in 6 preg end in mc, it is not uncommon. But knowing the facts still don't help with the emotional loss of a child, and while it is harder to accept the further along in the preg you are, it is never easy. I wish everyone the best of luck.