Weight gain after miscarriage
by Cheti, Apr 16, 2005
Has anyone had any trouble with weight gain following a miscarriage and D&C? I have actually gained more weight since the D&C than I did while I was pregnant. I'm wondering if it's a hormonal issue. It has been about 3 weeks since the procedure and I haven't started a new cycle yet. Any advice?
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by blondie72, Apr 16, 2005
It could be a depression thing.  Maybe you are eating more than you think due to being upset over the m/c.  I suffered a missed m/c in Sept of 03 but do not think I gained any more weight.  I was pg again 3 months after and actually lost weight due to being sick.  If possible stop and think about what you are eating and see if that makes sense.  I guess it could be a hormonal thing as well.  Everyone's body is different.  Good Luck to you.
by mimik, Apr 16, 2005
i gained a lot of weight after my 2 mc. For me i think it was a mixture of hormones, and depression eating. Also i wasnt very active, real upset and couldnt get out of bed. So i started this pregnancy ( 36 weeks now ) almost 15lbs heavier then i should have. Its going to be hell trying to get it off!!! lol
by Stacie30, Apr 16, 2005
I gained 10 lbs in 1 month after my miscarriage- but it's because I was eating like a pig!! I was so depressed. Once I made up my mind to change it (I'd lost 30 before I got pg and didn't want to gain it all back) it came off fairly easy... don't beat yourself up about it. I think miscarriage is the hardest thing to go through. I know for me it's the worst thing that has ever happened.
by mgi, Apr 16, 2005
I gained 11 pounds (from day one)  from my miscarriage - so some was pregnancy.  I only lost 4 of that.  I was reading that your body isn't real sure about when to know it is OK to let go of teh fat cells?  i know with me I watched every grain and calorie I ate and I ran miles and miles and miles.  But it wouldn't come off   (finally my doctor told me to stop running so much before I got pregnant again).  but best of luck to you - I really do think that your body has ideas of its own up to some point
by rainee, Apr 18, 2005
I am so glad to see this here.  I had a miscarriage and had to have a D&C.  Since then I have gained almost 10 pounds.  I'm sure at the beginning it was depression, lack of activity, and comfort food, but I snapped out of that after a couple of weeks and have been working very hard to lose it.  My husband has seen how hard I have been working and we are both confused on why I have not dropped any of it.  We didn't know if it was hormonal or what.  I've tried real hard to not to get discouraged and this helps to see that others have this same problem.  I would like to hear from more and their experience, and what has helped them to get back to "normal".
by Cheti, Apr 19, 2005
I think my situation has been similar. Unfortunately, I went through a similar situation last summer. I also gained weight following the miscarriage. I agree that some of it was depression related but like you, it seemed like no matter what I did--I got no results. I think I started to lose some of the weight once I started my next cycle so that's why I think some of it must be hormonal. How long has it been since your miscarriage/D&C?
by rainee, Apr 19, 2005
I was almost 11 weeks in January when I had my miscarriage/d&c.  I did not have a regular cycle until this  month.  Hopefully, if it is somewhat hormonal, then maybe I should see a change since things are getting back to normal.
by jh25, Dec 14, 2007
I had my miscarriage on 1st Oct. I have gained 8 pounds since them. I had even hired a personal trainer and have never worked out so much in my life. But, everyday, I keep gaining more weight! It is so frustrating. Its been 10 week and I still have not had my period!!
by TJ46, Jan 03, 2008
thank you for posting your comments!  I have been having the same issue.  It is adding more depression and stress!  But it is so nice to know that I am not crazy!  That others have experienced this also.  Have you started losing yet?  I so how long did it take?  was it okay after your flow went back to normal?  Thanks!