anyone having trouble getting pregnant after a d&c??
by vcusell, Jul 16, 2012
hello just wondering if anyone had a d&c and tried to conceive again and it took longer? ive had 3 miscarriages in 9 months, the first 2 i miscarried naturally, and i conceived again within a month of trying right after. the last miscarriage i had was in febuary and i had to have a d&c. we waited until i got 2 periods and started ttc right after and i still havent become pregnant. its never taken me longer than a month to get pregnant and now im going on 3 months.. does this have to do with having a d&c??
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by lilbit0922, Jul 16, 2012
Idk but I had a d&c in April and I am having trouble conceiving also so i have been takin liquid geritol, thats how i got pregnant last pregnancy so i am gonna try again i just want it so bad
by vcusell, Jul 17, 2012
ya i do too!  ive never heard of liquid geritol.. what is that and does it have to be prescibed??
by lilbit0922, Jul 17, 2012
No u can usually get it at any pharmacy I got mine from wal mart
by TanishaMarie, Jul 19, 2012
OMGosh yes..I had a D&C a yr ago in March an we had been trying since that June to get pregnant again..I'm FINALLY 13 wks..
by lilbit0922, Jul 19, 2012
Did u do anything or take anything to get u pregnant
by always_smile, Jul 21, 2012
I have had 3 D&C... 1st one I got pregnant right away the second time it took me almost a year to get pregnant with my son. My 3rd one I got pregnant right away again...
by rach301, Jul 22, 2012

I had a missed miscarriage in Jan 2012 ( 1st pregancy) and I had the D&C, but for 4 months trying and am still not pregant.

My cycles have been different lenght and on 2 of them I believe I missed my ovalation days, especially on my last one which was a shocking 40 days day cycle.I was really stressed and I believe this caused the delay. My normal cycle lenght before my miscarriage was 32 day cycle.

This has not helped at all, so now I have to cover my bases from day 12 to days 27 days to cover a 28 day cycle, 30, 34 and through to 40 days, it's flippen annoying now. Knowing my luck my next cycle will be 50 days cycle and will miss ovalation again, LOL.

Well I am now using my clear blue moniter and am still covering my bases from day 12 to 28-28 days, just in case the moniter is incorrect, so i really hope in the next few months I will acheive pregancy. ( 1st pregancy conceived aftee 2 months)

I have paid privately and got myself checked out. I had a ultrasound and my overies and uterus was all healthy and fine. So that's a relief. I am going going to have the progrestrone test to see if my hormones levels are ok and normal.

If I don't fall pregant in the next 6 months, then I will take clomide as the last resort and this will be tracked too, so hopefully that might help me achieve a pregancy, if all eles fails :-)

I try and remain positive and will see what happens :-)
by lilbit0922, Jul 22, 2012
by lilbit0922, Jul 22, 2012
@rach301 I agree before I got pregnant my period was only 28 and only 4 to 5 days and now they are 6 to 7 days I need to start tracking my ovulation it ***** it been 3 months since my D&C