constipation after miscarriage and d & c
by tones99, Jun 29, 2010
this may be too yuck a question but its something that's really bothering me  ... I have always had normal bowel movements .. even bordering on loose rather than firm .. but since I had my miscarriage and d & c 5 days ago .. I have had terrible constipation ... never having had this problem before I'm finding it quite distressing .. I am a nutritionist and have a good diet so it's never been an issue before .. now its uncomfortable and painful and just one more thing to deal with in this awful week .. I just want to get over the physical side of this!  I'm still getting pains in my uterus which I imagine is normal since it just carried a baby till 11.5 weeks so I'm not worried about that ..

has anyone had this problem? and how long did it last? x
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by KAnuCmEY, Jun 29, 2010
It's probably caused by the hormones. Sorry you have to go through that. I try eating oatmeal when i get constipated it healthy and seems to work, good luck
by bernie40, Jun 30, 2010
Hi, are you passing any stools at all?  I would certainly speak to your Dr about this and maybe try a stool loosener.  

So sorry for your loss and that you are having to go through the added stress of constipation.
by tones99, Jun 30, 2010
I have had a few movements that have been very impacted and painful .. my lovely holistic GP thinks that it's tied up with my emotions .. that because I didn't see our little bub that I'm holding on to it .. she could be right .. its a strange thing to walk into hospital at 9am pregnant and walk out at 5pm not pregnant .. I can see my body returning back to normal and feel pains from my uterus but it all seems slightly surreal .. I think when I get my first normal af it will come full circle

I feel sorry for people that suffer constipation all the time ... as a nutritionist I have treated dozens of people with this problem but never really understood how yuck it really is!
by tones99, Jul 03, 2010
Update: I ended up with an infection and since I have started antibiotics my movements have started normalising which is a relief. It's good to finally be feeling a bit physically stronger x
by bernie40, Jul 04, 2010
Hi tones, I'm so sorry you got an infection, I had one after my D&C also and it was horrid :(  I think I was also slightly constipated though not to the extent that you were.  So glad that you are beginning to feel physically stronger again, I know I turned a corner once the infection had gone.  Good luck xx