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Can hyptnotherapy help? Is it real?
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Can hyptnotherapy help? Is it real?

I have been having some issues with becoming worried about so many things (doubt it has to do with my neurological condition). I am constantly worrying over things and it consumes me. After my hamster died, I cried for 2 days and still keep thinking about it (long story why) but, I cry when I think about him. People don't get it and say he was only a hamster, and maybe I am taking it to extremes. So anyway, I get sick with worry about the other one and my other pets and my son and husband and so forth to the point I not only cry but I become very anxious too.

So I wondered (because I have tried counseling it has not helped one bit because I still worry), if Hyptnotherapy could possibly help and if it is real? I mean, is it just something people try to get money out of people for or can it be done? Not only for remembering things but for depression and anxiety, getting people to calm down and stop worrying so much.  Is this a type of thing that psychologists are trained to do?

Thanks ahead of time. :)
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I'm sorry for your loss.  I have had an upbringing around unintentional animal neglect and it can be devastating and heart wrenching.  I am sensitive about the death of any animal.
It may be more about what the hampster represented to you.  A life is still a life even though they may not have the intelligence and awareness that we do.  Sometimes we can attribute thoughts and feelings to them that they just don't have.

Have you seen a psychiatrist recently about your symptoms?  Medication may be an option for you, at least in the short-term, so that you can benefit from counselling.
Another option could be to try a different therapist or type of therapy.

I have heard that hypnotherapy only works on those who want it to work.  I have heard that the police have used it to obtain infomation from witnesses in long-standing cases.
I think that you need to be careful about any new memories that it may bring to light.

I think that there are people out there who do it merely to extort money from vulnerable poeple.

I had a therapist who was trainined in hypnotherapy along with emdr, etc.  I trust that she would only do it if it was of benefit to patients.

I think that if you do opt to try this I would check the credentials of the person using it.
I think that possibly it could have a role for some people in the treatment of their disorders.

Before you go down that route I would advise you to speak to a psychiatrist and possibly even engage with a new therapist.  Depression and anxiety can be debilitating and are best addressed appropriately.
Thanks so much for that! I do appreciate your sympathy and understanding. Not many people can understand. Right now I can't take other medications...for fear they will mess with my other meds (mixing) that I am on. I have to take migrane (migraine) meds and pain meds for severe head/neck pain. Plus I am on a beta blocker for POTS - it is tachycardia w/low bp upon different positions I am in.  Anyway, I have to have surgery for my head (2nd one) it is a big mess where I previously had surgery (long story).

I will take your advice and check credentials and I will probably call a psychiatrists office and ask too. :)

It is still very very hard to this day (a week later).  I am not going nuts or anything, but I am in such denial (of sorts) and worry because of what i have read on the internet (maybe I should have stayed off the internet) about people thinking they buried their pet alive. My husband said he was clearly passed away and I did stroke him through the tissue and he didn't move, but still I kept thinking I felt vibrations but no vet around at the time wouldn't be till the end of that week and I still have that I put his cage out by his grave, although I don't think he'd be able to dig his way out of the way we buried him.

I do need to get something done that is for sure. I think you are right about what he represented and plus he was soooo cute and fun and so very smart. I keep checking on his sister (they were separated cages) and making sure she is okay. While I was out of state for my neuro appt, I constantly called and texted my son &  mother to make sure she was okay.  I lost some weight from the worrying. :) Again, thanks so much.
Sorry my response didn't come through.  We have had major issues with our computer (we can only access dial up and as we are at the end of a rural line we keep getting bumped off).

A psychiatrist should be aware of potential drug interactions.  There may be an alternative that they could suggest.  Another good reason to see a psychiatrist I guess.

The health issues sound frightening.  I hope your second surgery will remedy things.  I'm intrigued by the mess that was left from your previous surgery or more to the point your story about it.

I'm not familar with hampsters but usually it'll be pretty obvious if something has died or not.
Just before you posted here there was a story on the news about an elderly gentleman in ?India taken to the morgue and locked in the freezer.  People in the morgue heard scratching noises and let the poor man out.  Apparently he had no pulse but it didn't sound as though thorough tests were carried out.

Did you determine the cause of death for your poor hampster?  The same fate isn't likely to occur to the other one?

It was the right thing to do to bury your pet.  I suspect he was dead.  I don't expect either you or your husband would have buried it alive.  I'm pretty confident you would have known if it were still alive, even if only just.

Animals are incredibly smart.  Have you thought about getting another one?  A second one could help ease the loss of the first one.

It's probably normal to be a little anxious about his sister.  We had three animal control officers come here the other day as several neighbours have lost lambs and they were checking dog registrations in our neighbourhood.  While Scruffy is tied up it's still there at the back of your mind.  Did he?  Didn't he?  I was doing some work outside today and had the dog off his lead and I found that I was constantly checking to see where he was.

I definitely think that you should follow up about your anxiety though.  Did you discuss your anxiety with your neurologist?
Sorry for the late reponse here too. Anxiety is part of my condtion. Most of us with this, have a lot of anxiety and is a symptom of it. Hopefully my paranoia and anxiety goes away after surgery.  I know that i was never this paranoid or upset before the first one. I mean I did have anxiety but not as bad. Years ago I never had it and I was pretty well calmish. I never worried so much.

I know it will be awhile before I get over it. I went out to his little grave and talked to him ( you know how when people go to their parents or relatives graves and talk to them) and I just cried and cried. So far Lucky is okay. I really didn't have the money to do it but I scraped enough up anyway and took her to the vet to be checked. He said she looked good, but that wasn't to say nothign would happen to her in a few days or a week or something. I know I will be just as heart broken then too. She was in a separate cages, and I know she is lonely. She knew something happened that day. She was standing up and looking over at his cage and looking up at me as I was crying. She knew before I saw him I think.

I am trying to get into someone. My insurance won't cover much of it, so I will have to come up with the rest and with us emptying our savings for these really expensive appts I have to go to, it will be costly and I am not sure what I need more, the appt to fix my first surgery or the other one. I am indeed in a ton of pain but yet my anxiety and stuff is still there.
Could the stress of the surgery be what has caused the increased anxiety?  
Sometimes it's hard to tell the cause of the anxiety.  Is it due to surgery or the stress of having gone through all that?  I hope that surgery does go well for you and that you get a better outcome.

Having someone mess with your head/ brain can take ages to heal from too.  It can be a long process.  Did the neurology department provide support for you?  Surely they would have referred you for rehab and counselling.

Animals can be pretty intuitive and sensitive.  The money was perhaps well spent if it gave you peace of mind.  It is good to have the reasurrance.
Talking will probably help you.  It is better than keeping the grief inside.

Is the surgery like a comestic procedure?  They're not going to operate on your brain are they?  I mean other than to fix up the mess they made it has no functional gain.

It's a difficult decision to have to make.  If it were me I would probably opt for the surgery first and try and work through the emotional issues alone.  Having less pain will likely make you feel less vulnerable and should also mean that you have to use less meds.

Have you considered trying a low fee or zero fee clinic I have heard people mention that are available in the States?

I think that having the surgery first could also elminate a lot of anxiety.  It's not going to be something sitting there waiting and needing to be done.
You need to prioritise what you feel is most important to you.
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