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Allergy to alcohol & Multiple Scholoris
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Allergy to alcohol & Multiple Scholoris

Is there any corrolation between MS and alcohol use?  I have a friend that was diagnosis with MS and she could no longer see to read.  Several years later she quit drinking alconol and her symptoms of MS were much improved, especially her eyesitght.  Has there been any researchy done regarding this? Thanks. Calli
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It is an interesting question.

I met a person with MS at a support group and he said that when he drinks alcohol, he walks better.

So we brought him up, told him to bring his favorite bottle and a driver and we tested this.

He walked worse, but was a little inebriated so he thought he was walking better.

It is like the person at the dance who thinks she is a great dancer because she is a little tipsy -- but when you watch those embarassing videos, you know you were "under the influence."

With that said, I have wondered whether alcohol or benzodiazepenes calm down the flu-like symptoms of the beta interferons. It may simply be that when you ar emore relaxed, your body temperature is lower and you uncover less symptoms (when you are overheated, you may have an uncovering of older symptoms -- called Uhthoff's Phenomenon).

Now, with all that said, alcoholism can make MS worse because alcholo can make everything worse.

Also, many of the MS medicines (not just the injectables) can affect your liver (and are metabolized through it) and so should not be mixed with alcohol.

Please note, that you are not describing an allergy, as this would involved hives, itchiness and even trouble breathing.
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I am diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis and I find that even small amounts of alcohol seem to excacerbate my symptoms. I only ever drink to be social, so I never consume large amounts or become inebriated but since I have had TM? I have found that consuming alcohol temporarily worsens my symptoms.

On an upside I rarely drink now and my husband always has a driver, so his liver might not live on and mine will :-)

I never considered the drug interaction side of things, I take Gabapentin to try and manage my nerve pain but the alcohol doesn't seem to make me sleepy etc. it just heightens my pain and numbness and I always seem to get vertigo.

Consequently I now very rarely drink but on occasions I do have a glass of wine.

I was always under the belief that this is a temporary worsening of symptoms just like raising my body temperature etc.  Am I doing harm or causing myself to have a new "attack" of TM when this happens?  I never drink to get DRUNK.  I have never been a big or heavy drinker.  Just the odd social glass here and there. My peripheral nerves have been tested recently and are normal.

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