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Complimentary Alternative Therapies
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Complimentary Alternative Therapies

In addition to traditional treatments for MS (DMD's and assorted prescription drugs), would you share with us the current thoughts  and potential benefits/pitfalls on complimentary alternative therapies, such as:

-Massage therapy

-Accupuncture/accupressure treatments


-Exercise as therapy

-And any others that you might think of as well.

This would be in addition to current MS DMD therapy as complimentary,  and not in place of the traditional approach.

There is a debate going on in my household about the benefits and disadvantages to throwing everything I can gather at my MS, short of going to the islands to see a vodoo doctor, and if I thought it would work, I would even try that.  

Your thoughts will be factored into the equation and also be of use to our MS forum members.  Thanks. Lulu
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I am very much in support of CAM (as you say --complementary, not alternative), but only when we have evidence that it is :
1.Safe -- most important; and
2.Effective -- so you don't waste time and money.

Your questions, however, surround non medicines, so I will address these:

1. Massage therapy -- if you call it "neuromuscular therapy" it is usually covered by your insurance company. This can help relieve spasticity and make you feel better.

2. Acupuncture -- this can help pain and other symptoms.

3. Reflexology -- It may make you feel better.

4. Exercise -- This is great (even weight bearing exercises), but please make sure that you stay well hydrated and cool. This can help with general wellbeing and health (remember, MS does not prtect you against heart disease etc.), spasticity, weakness, fatigue ....

It is always important to weight the costs of these treatments (exercise is the cheapest) against the benefits. My general rule is that if it makes you feel good and is safe, then it is probably worth it.

Remember, however that these treatments are not disease modifying but rather are symptomatic treatments.
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