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do i have ms or not
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do i have ms or not

i am sorry if i am doing this wrong,i have already asked the question on the forum.My symtoms (symptoms) staiwarted with bells palsy on both side of my face about five years ago,i then lost the feeling and had weakness down the right side of my body.I was then sent for an mri which showed a spot and my  lp was clear since then my symtems have got worse and i have lost muscle mass on my right arm and leg,i have bad fatigue and i am also loosing my balance andforgetting words or things that i just done.I had another mri done five months ago and was told it was clear but when i met the neurologist he told me there was a lot of deteriation since my last mri,i had another lp done last week but my next appointment with the neurologist isnt untill the 31st of this month.He had told me my my main test result would be in within the week,i have phoned him and all he would tell me is that my test was satisfactory and he would go over it when he meets me.My big worry is firstly, if it is not ms what is it ? and if the lp is clear and i have to wait months or years again for further tests is there any thing else i can do as i feel my right leg is getting weaker each week.Thank you for any help and advice you can give me.
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While we all feel for your diagnostic limbo, you will be seeing your neurologist soon (and he has all your medical information).

We do know several things, however, such as that you do not have an iminetly  life threatening illness.

There are several things you need to clarify:

1. Why is your arm losing muscle mass -- this is usually caused by a condition affecting the peripheral nervous system (unless it is from not using your muscles).
2. What does your  MRI show -- is it normal or not? If it is not, then I am not sure if you LP (spinal tap) has to necessarily be abnormal.

Of course your neurologist would be much more able to answer these questions than I can, but I hope these comments have been helpful.

Separate to a diagnosis, please speak to your neurologist about symptomatic treatment.
Hi George,
you have done this right - Dr Kantor's expert forum is a separate thing from the community forum. I hope he has some suggestions for you as well.  

have a good weekend,
Thanks for taking the time to reply.
I have had 2 mri's over a period of about 4 years the first showed a spot on the right hand side the second showed quite a lot of lesions compared to the first .The muscle loss is worse on my right leg than my arm and i am finding after being up for a few hours it is getting really weak and i also have severe pain in my leg .I would just like someone to be able to tell me what is wrong so i can deal with it.The weakness and pain has been there for a few years but the muscle loss seems to have happened in the last few months and i am worried about what happens if it dosnt stop.
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