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10 Things I love about having an uncureable disease!
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10 Things I love about having an uncureable disease!

This looks like fun I saw they did one in the Chiari forum and I thought it would be a positive addition to our evening. I have a bit of a rough day and typing this out brought a good smile to my face.
Reply to this post with your 10 things you love about your uncureable disease, people have some really great answers out there. So here are mine to start us off :)

1. I have a stable relationship with God, I put my trust in Him and know that His love will never fail me.

2.I love that my husband learns right by my side so on the days I have no idea what I am doing...he does and he knows most of my needs. (He just bought me a bunny to cheer me up) I have not given my husband the credit he deserves through all this. I have realized that and am changing those actions right now.

3. I love that my 3 boys are full of fun love and laughter so when they are pushing me thru a store in my wheelchair and stutter out a few bad words over a spilled drink my 12 year old say "oh excuse my mom, she has teretz syndrome" oh my goodness I thought I was going to fall out of my chair.

4. I love that I get to be a stay at home Mom, and even though my house isn't perfectly kept and I don't always feel good enough to get up, I still get to be here when my kids get home from school!

5. I love that MS brought my family together! Family is the most important thing to me under God!

6. I love waking up to different symptoms daily...just wake up and smile because you get what you get and you deal with it!

7. I love that "letting go" of things is the most difficult thing for me ever and that I am working on it proudly.

8.  I love that my hubby bought me a nice vehicle that all my friends drive me around driving Miss Daisy...but Driving Mrs. Mellie~

9.  I love to help others learn about their body and what is happening with it, what to expect and how to cope. Teaching others helps the teacher with coping methods as well.

10.I love the people I meet everyday! People in support groups, doctors offices, pharmacies and shopping centers. People share knowledge and knowledge is great!

Best of luck to all of you. God is great and we are His children with His unfailing love!
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4661387 tn?1359418798
Oooops "Incurable" hahaha I guess being able to laugh at my own mistakes would be # 11. LOL!After I hit post I though hmmm that doesn't look right, oh thats because it is wrong!
751951 tn?1406636463
Corrected myself on a text message this week, and the Mrs. said not to bother; she's learned to read between the typos.

Well, I am one who mourns the loss of our society's former attention to details like spelling, grammar, and all that stuff.

I blame txt msgs & chat rms.  Can't blame my incurable disease yet, until the docs figure out what it is, thereby helping to define whether or not it really is uncurable.

Oh, by the way: nothing is incurable.  Look up what Jesus said about the camel and the needle, and his response to the disciples' question on the topic (hint: Matt. 19:26).
198419 tn?1360245956
I love what I have learned about the CNS, and disease processes, and medicine

I love the people I've met

I love the support and willingess of others to contribute to fighting this beast

I love that I'm not-so (whatsome people call..) normal, how boring, lol

I love it here, and sharing educating, and helping, and supporting

I love a good challenge, and all that comes with overcoming it, or adapting

I love seeing current efforts, and look forward to future progress

I love learning of all that helps re-shape the disease and the damage it causes

Not sure if I'm add 10, lol But, that's what come off the top of my head!

Great idea :)
738075 tn?1330579444
I'm not sure I can come up with 10, but here goes...

1. If anything has gotten me to take "One Day at a Time", this stupid disease surely has.
2. My DH and family are very much there for me.
3. I have a fabulous neuro and PCP.
4. I've taken better care of myself in the diet/exercise department that ever.
5. I've learned to listen to my body better than ever.

Uhhh...I gues that's it, for now.  But they're really good things!
4661387 tn?1359418798
Pastor Dan- I agree 100% God can heal all things!!He is Awesome in power! I just thought this was a fun little side note to all the ongoings during the week :)

Shell- I love your response not so normal...boring... Thats how I feel! I love it! I love being here as well,  meeting others that have more experience at fighting this  monstor that I do :)

Guitar_grrrl- My family and medical providers are great too! I also am learning to listen to my body..sadly I am not as intone to listening to it as my husband is...he is always right on about my limits and I always push just that 5 foot too far before my day is done...
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