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A different type of vertigo?
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A different type of vertigo?

Look at me, my 3rd post in 2 days...I swear I am not a post-a-holic!

So, I woke up this morning, and seemed ok. I've been having what I call "spotty vertigo" the last few days, meaning it hits me gently, for a bit, then goes away.

All of a sudden, I got my butt kicked by very intense vertigo...and it's still here! Now, I do know that vertigo can be a side effect of Neurontin, but I've been on and off of it for 2 years, and only get vertigo the first day or 2 now...I've been on it consitently for a week.

I'm also "tingling" pretty much all over (up to the cheek bones).

The thing is, this is a different kind of vertigo, I can't explain it, but the world's not spinning, it's more shifting back and forth. It's causing me trouble with balance, and I'm feeling weak in the arms and legs. Clumsiness is irritating me, and I brought a lit lighter to my face to light a cigarette that I DIDN'T have in my mouth (I know, nasty habit, and bad for me too!).

Ugg....I hope this is gone by the time I wake up tomorrow. I swear I just got out of a "flare" of whatever I have going on with me, like 2 weeks ago!

I'm just least with my Neurontin vertigo it's kind of like being on a ride at the fair, I find myself entertained by the whirling, but this different vertigo is no fun at all.

Has anyone else had this type of "shifting world"?? Or even know what I mean??

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You, a post-a-holic? No way; I've been rather chatty here myself lately.

As for your vertigo, I've had a couple of short-lived bouts that lasted less than a day.

As I understand it, there are two types. Well, I just googled it and there are actually more than that, sorry to say.

The first dr. I saw asked about me this: One is where the world is spinning, the other is when you are spinning. I replied that *I* was spinning. I could NOT close my eyes and lie down.

Then the neuro I saw asked me if it was the type of dizziness like when I met my husband. I said no way, that was heaven and this was hell. Then he asked if it was like if I got drunk in highschool and the room was spinning and I had to put my foot on the floor to calm things. No ('sides I didn't get drunk in highschool, I did that in college....wahh).

Anyway, my report said I exhibited "true vertigo". To tell you the truth, I don't know what that means. But I believe that Quix deals with vertigo in some shape or form on a regular basis. Perhaps she can fill in the gaps for you.

Hope you feel better soon!

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Yes, I was disabled 6 years ago by chronic vertigo and have dealt with it all my waking hours since then.

Hi , Suzanne, the notion of the world spinning versus you spinning is outdated and no longer used by the experts that I have read.  The problem is that both statements are subjective and to a large degree dependent on a person's experiences with falling or being in situations where the world can shift (airplanes, boats).  So people with the exact same lesion will describe it different ways.

I disagree with your neuro's characterization of the two types unless he was telling the difference between vertigo and feeling faint or lightheaded.

Vertigo is a sensation of movement inappropriate movement within space.  People also use the word dizziness which is also confused with light-headedness.

Christine - it seems that you are not only describing some sort of balance disorder but also a coordination problem where you have difficulty maintaining your position in space.  The way to differentiate this would be to have a Videonystagmogram VNG, which can often tell the difference between inner ear vertigo and brainstem vertigo.

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Hi there and I think I know what you mean!

I am also on Neurontin and Tegretol and now a low dose of Lyrica but I am having what I consider someone in my head playing with my equilibrium.

I am not what you would call dizzy.  I am not seeing the room spinning or feel as though I am spinning but all of a sudden it feels like someone is PUSHING ME OVER!

I have very little control over it and if there isn't something close by to grab I will fall over just like that!

I have also had a lot of pins and needles on the outside of my right let which is something new and my left side of my face is always numb so I am used to that...

So I don't know if this is what you are having but it isn't very pleasant cause I have no warning!

I sure hope that you feel better tomorrow and to be honest...I hope I do too, ha ha ha!

Lots of Hugs,

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As I understood the questions the two dr's asked, was I dizzy/lightheaded??

No, I wasn't. I felt like I was going to tip over and I needed help to move about. It was a full and involved overwhelming feeling, and I was upset even in front of my kids. I was unable to drive myself to the clinic; I was short-tempered and had my dh fill out the form once I checked in. It affected my personality and I was dismayed by it.

I've had motion sickness on planes and boats, and in recent years, on the swingset with the kids. Totally different than above.

Was given an Rx for the vertigo, but since it cleared in +/-3 hours, I never filled it.

I was glad it was that short a time-frame, but that makes me wonder "why?" And what sets it off, only to have it end so quickly?

Christine, not trying to hijack your question; just trying to understand the topic in general. For me, that vertigo incident was the starting of the MS quest; the first dr. suggested I go to a neuro to rule out MS or fibromyalgia. And here I am on this forum.

Thanks vertigo~!

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