Am i biting inside my mouth involuntary ???
by janbubears, Sep 01, 2010
Hi All

i have had horrendous sore mouth for days - the inside my cheeks feel like ive been biting them without knowing..

like bits of skin been biten into !!
but my gums are sore and tender too

Could i be doing it in the night when im asleep without knowing
jan xxx
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by jensequitur, Sep 01, 2010
It's quite possible - have you been evaluated for seizure activity?  

Of course, since your gums are sore and tender, it might just be extreme sensitivity.
by doublevision1, Sep 01, 2010
My dentist asked recently asked me if I was aware of biting the inside of my cheeks as there are marks on both sides that run horizontally right where my bite would be.  It's not sore or sensitive at all, just with this weird mark.  I think I have unconsciously been doing this, like a clenching kind of thing but biting down on the soft tissue rather than actually grinding my teeth.  She referred me to an oral surgeon 450 kms away.  I haven't made the appt yet; first trying to be aware of the behaviour and curb this habit and see if  it goes away on its own, which I think it will.

Perhaps with everything going on, you are doing something like this too, and may be a reflection of the stress you're under.  If it continues you ought to have a dentist take a look; if you're doing it while asleep perhaps a bite guard would help.
by janbubears, Sep 02, 2010
Hi there xx

Yes i think your right, i will be seeing my dentist in september so i will wait and like you say - see what he has to say..

thank you jan xxxx
by Sparkysarah, Sep 02, 2010
My dentist says that I definitley bite my cheeksw and grind my teeth when I am asleep and the only thing that may help is a mouthguard. I have not gone this route yet but any activity and soreness in the mouth is a sign of being run down. It may be worth tyring a good mouthwash and seeing your hygienist and mentioning it.

Love Sarah
by Sparkysarah, Sep 02, 2010
Apologies to you Jan and Doublevision..I accidentally put in the wrong name as the above post was obviously meant for you..but it has appeared in this thread so hopefully that is OK!!

Hugs, Sarah x
by janbubears, Sep 02, 2010
ha ha its ok sarah  lots love 2u xxxx

jan x
by jensequitur, Sep 02, 2010
I bite the inside of my mouth all the time, because it's numb -  but I don't think that's what you meant!  But you know how it is - you bite your lip, and now it sticks out, so you end up biting it again.
by janbubears, Sep 06, 2010
by HVAC, Sep 06, 2010
I bite my mouth, tongue, etc. I know I am doing it and cannot stop. It is like my bite has a mind of its own. It is always my left side which is my bad side from the MS. I told my Doctor and they did an eeg last year which found no seizure disorder my copay was $700.

A few months ago I cracked a tooth from biting which cost $1500 dollars to fix, my in insurance would not pay for it.

My dentist made me a bite guard my insurance won't pay for but it is worth it. At first I gagged and though I would never get used to it now I use it all the time. I find it also helps with some of the face pain I have experienced. Tendonitis from the jaw.

My dentist is amazed because I never have the same bite twice. They had a hard time making impressions for the crown. I am not sure if it is the MS or the fact I have busted my cheek so many times falling from MS.