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Amantadine - Anyone?
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Amantadine - Anyone?

Hi there, the specialist wants me to try this Med... Amantadine... have anyone used this for fatigue?

undx - still
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Hi Wobbly,

I only know this drug as an anti-viral used against like influenza or like respiratory infections.  I believe this is the traditional use of the drug.  I believe this is why MOST people take it.  Is it used for like psuedo-parkinsonian type sysmptoms, maybe, I think that is what you said also right.  Um I believe it can cause insomnia, dont know about giving for fatigue, why not Provigil?

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Yes , I  use Amantadine   twice a day . My  neuro  prescribed it to me because of my fatigue . I  take  100 mg in the morning and 100 mg at night . It is my  second  month since I started  and so far so good , no  side effects .
I see the difference  in my energy . I can  do  more  during the day , but at  night  I hit my  bed like a tone of bricks .
I  cannot  tell you if I am Dx , since  I don't know .
I  have been  Dx , than the  Dx   was  taken out .
Now  my  new  neuro  wants to put me on DMD .
I am waiting to see  him  for my  MRI  follow up .
So  far  I  have been  very  patient , but my  attitude  is  slowly   changing , all  together with  my  brain and  spinal lesions .
I don't  want  to  rumble  about it on your thread .
It's going to be 3 years  in October  since  they found  my first  4 lesions .
Hope I have answered your question .
Please let me know .
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I am aware of amantadine being used to treat fatigue and I think some here have said that they have used it with success.  I asked my neuro about it a while back; he was reluctant to prescribe it for me as he wanted to see first how well I could manage without it.  This was back in Sept when I was just in the initial stages of a gradual return to work.  I was very fatigued; and worried about my capacity to work full-time.  I am finally working full-time again, with flexibility around my start and stop times and permission to make up any time from home.  So with that flexibility I do manage to get through a 6 hour day at the office.  I am usually depleted by the time I leave the office.  If I had to work 5x8 hour days in the office, week after week, and I'm not sure I could do it without medication.  I think the choice would be medication or part-time.  As it is now, after work I don't much energy left for exercise, cooking, walking dogs.  I cannot do as much as I could before, and need more sleep than I used to need.  But I don't know if any of that is reason enough for me to try this drug.  I would think those who have more severe fatigue, ie: can't even work part-time let alone full-time, are the best candidates.

How severe is your fatigue, ie: what are all the things you can no longer do, or do as often, b/c of your fatigue?  Do you know if the cause has been pinpointed, meaning is it considered to be primary MS fatigue, or, secondary ie: a result of insomnia, etc?

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Hi.  I tried Amantadine many years ago for fatigue and it did nothing for me at all.  In fact I found that a few shots of expresso did a better job than that med.  So my Neuro put me on Modafinil - now that DID work - too well in fact.  So now when I need a bit more energy I just take half in the morning and that gets me through the whole day.  The problem, I think, that when you take meds to help you stay awake during the day, you are ignoring your body's desire to rest, because after I have taken Mod - the following day I am really really tired - so that day is a wipe out.
I only take it on a needs must basis, which isn't very often, I prefer to have my catnap instead.
Take care,
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