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Any one got helpful tips for tremors
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Any one got helpful tips for tremors

Hi there wonderful people,

I've hunted and hunted but cant find anything really informative or that helpful for dealing with tremors. This years episode has left behind continual tremors, they usually go along with everything else but this year they dont seem to be leaving me so instead of simply waiting until they stop because they just may not do that this time. I thought it time to get some advice on what to do, if there is something that can be done to reduce the tremors i would be back to a closer version of my normal.

I've mentioned this in other posts but to explain for those that may have missed them, i have 1 tremor that i feel when i am resting so not moving limbs, rappid left to right shaking of my hole body, i dont need to be doing anything, its just always there. Its almost the same as fever chills, you feel that type of tremor on and off, this one is always on but without the fever. Sometimes i really feel the need to hold my arms tightly across my chest, (self hug) to try and get a break from it, its still there when i lay down to sleep. I catch my self stiff, sometimes i can be lying in bed and my body is stiffening up, its involuntary, i even find my hands digging into my face as they stiffen, i'm sure its related to the never ending tremors.

The 2nd tremor is just my head, sometimes i notice i'm nodding from left to right, it happens everyday but not constantly, it does seem to happen at odd irregular times and its not something i think about but still it is abnormal for me to be doing this when my espisode is over.

The 3rd tremor is an essential tremor, never know when its going to happen, i over reach, knock things over, hit when i meant to gently pat (cat not impressed), its unpredictable, sometimes a little dangerous when i'm cooking, flame and sharp knives can be a bit of a problem when this tremor is happening.

The 4th tremor is probably the same as tremor 1 but i'm not sure, if I look at my fingers, hands or arms they are doing the rappid tremors as they rest but if i lift them into the air they go from almost invisible trembling to very noticable. I cant actually feel the difference though, other people see it, thankfully most are too polite to say anything, it just doesnt feel comfortable when their eyes shift from mine to stare at the hand thats noticably trembling.

I would appreciate some advice on dealing with this, i'm not on any drugs of any kind but realise this is getting to be a problem to big to ignore, my body is now aching from the daily shakes. I'm still stretching every limb to keep their flex, without stretching my limbs seem tight and more difficult to control, if i skip a day walking is more problematic but the tremors make it harder to keep up my much needed exercises.

Any ideas? I would appreciate any advice that you can think of.

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764912 tn?1322715443
I have tremors also, but undiagnosed as of yet.  We show rabbits and you pose them and lift there little heads, and the poor things shake so bad when I do it because of the tremors.  That is a big joke around my house now....
Anyway, I am on Mirapex and that is helping, not sure if you have tried that and I missed it in your post.
Best wishes
751951 tn?1406636463
Two and four sound familiar here, as does the thought of catching oneself stiffening up.  That's been kind of bugging me for a month or so, but the tremors have been around for years.  They have, though, worsened pretty dramatically since i developed all these other problems.

Nothing's ever been prescribed for either, but I have no credible dx at this point, either.  Doing a quick Google on Tracy's Mirapex, it sounds like there may be something there worth investigating.  Let us know what you find, please.
987762 tn?1331031553
Hi There,

I've been reading clinical neurological papers and books to locate something relating to treatment, interestingly there isn't much out there that delves into treatment options, a pleathera of how to dx via neurological exams and clinical lesion signs.

This is a pretty good at explaining in simplistic terms the different types of tremors, also gives cause and treatment options, very short and easy to read.

I'm still looking for the holy grail, will let you know what i stumble across.

410281 tn?1254232664
I have tremors too. They are very new to me, and very disturbing. Much of what you described hits home.  I have an appt on Wed (hopefully a valuable one this time) with a new neuro.  If, by some strange stroke of luck, I get any info on the tremors I will let you know!

987762 tn?1331031553
Hi again,

I've read far too much for my own good, i wouldnt recommend trying to diagnose the cause of tremors persay but it makes for some interesting reading trying to work out if there is something you can do to reduce or remove them from your life.

I thought it funny that some types of tremors are relieved by 'minimal' amounts of alcohol, so a medicinal glass of wine with dinner is sort of ok (sounds pretty good to me) but alcohol abuse creates withdrawl (withdrawal) tremors so there's the catch 22.

There are many many things that cause tremors, caffine, legal drugs, withdrawl (withdrawal) from types of legal drugs,  lesions, hypoglycemia, MS, age, Parkinsons, psychological conditions eg anxiety etc etc etc. I think its one of those things that gets put into the no big deal catagory, if your tremors are not affecting your quality of life, too much.

I'm a coffee drinker, smoker for 34 years but thats it as far as the bad stuff i put in my body, cant say thats changed much in the last 10 years. I still find it rather coincidental that all my issues only ever visit me together, the tremors i've always dismissed them as being a bi product of having a bug. I dont have tremors unless i've been dealing with one of my episodes and they dont happen to me unless i've had some form of viral infection first. This year they are not leaving me like they usually do, i'm still stabbing my self when i eat and its starting to drive me batty.

Still in isolation there are many causes, together with all the other things that happen to me, not so many things to explain it, its like swimming in a fish bowl, i keep going around and around and still cant find my way out of the MS pool.


Oh if you want another good one to read...

738075 tn?1330579444
The only tidbit of info I can provide here is this:

At work, in the cafeteria, they only have plastic utensils, my hands shake with the food on the way to my mouth, and I either miss my mouth all together, or I drop my food!  I've gone to choosing finger foods, or If I bring leftovers from  home (better for me anyway), I pack real forks and spoons - the extra weight is really helpful!

Avatar f tn
I also have the same tremors you described 24/7. Intentional, resting etc. You name it in the tremor catagory and I have it. My doctor gave me Zanaflex for my muscle stiffness this past month and my tremors have diminished a lot. Maybe that it can help you too.

I dont know if it is the Zanaflex itself or maybe with the combination of the Neurotin.

Hopefully soon you can get some relief. I know the terrible feeling all to well.
Avatar n tn

I have a really bad arm tremor that comes when my symptoms flared, but luckily It has disappeared on it's own months later (several years now off an on)  I have been told it is essential tremor.  It can be bad enough that I can not write well, hold things, reach for things, can't hold my arm up, do rapid movement etc.

Things that make it worse coffee, alcohol (the morning after a night of social drinking) asthma puffers, overusing the arm (ie carrying a heavy bag, scrubbing the bathroom), stress/ anxiety.

The doctor wanted to prescribe proponalol / Inderal (i think that is what it's called?) but because I'm asthmatic could not take it.  I have Xanax for when it's bad I take one at night, and the next day my arm is much better.  I do not have an anxiety problem but this is an anti-anxiety drug that helps calm my tremor.

My boyfriend recently told me that when I sleep my legs "go" and sometimes my arm.  He means they shake in my sleep. Not sure what's going on there, luckily I'm sleeping :P

He says "your legs were really going, what were you dreaming about?"  haha
Avatar m tn
Hello I am 36 F. I too have had tremors for 6 months. Mine are internal body tremors, like someone is shaking the bed. My neurologist said a lot of symptoms of MS but clean MRI and gave me Kolonopin and sent me home. I also am short of breath,light headed & spaced out. I have had an MRI,EKG,EMG,ENG & echocardiogram. I have muscle twitches all over. No Dr. can give me an answer, driving me crazy. I am trying to keep it together. Havent worked for 6 months, too lightheaded. Going to Indy in April to see a neurololgist there, primary Dr. wants to rule out a few things?? All of this came out of nowhere August of 2009! Any suggestions of what is wrong?
751951 tn?1406636463
No tips yet, but welcome aboard.  Someone in this forum will undoubtedly have some valuable info to share with you.  It's a great group.

Saw you're planning a trip to Indy.  Can you share your location with us?   I am in north central Ohio.  Just wondering.

One of my former neuros prescribed Klonopin; I don't recall specifics, but I think that one only made me a little drowsy.  I've been through a bunch of docs & meds, but it sounds like your symptoms and mine don't really match that well.

God bless.
Avatar f tn
Hi All,

I was diagnosed with PD 3 years ago.

As I knew I had emotional baggage to deal with I decided to take a holistic approach before considering conventional treatment.

Since diagnosis I have dealt with 30 year old family issues, changed diet, supplements, herbal medication, changed sleep pattern, hydration, started meditation and yoga, regular stretching and exercise, reduce daily stress, learn to love and accept myself completely, surround myself with positive people and situations, drink alcohol in moderation, acupuncture and bowen therapy.

So you can see it's been a very busy time... lol.

I actually feel better, happier and fitter than i've ever felt. I still have symptom but it doesn't matter.

The only time the PD symptoms become really problematic is when my thyroid function is not as it should be. At those times I feel defeated and like it's all over but then when the thyroid is regulated the severity of symptoms decrease and I can function normally.

Thank you for reading my story, I don't come here much so if you need further information please feel free to email me at antonia.***@****

Warm regards to all.

Avatar f tn
Sorry about the email address - it's antonia.***@****
987762 tn?1331031553

You have posted on the end of a really old thread and most people will not respond to anything that old, and just in case you didn't notice, this is the MS forum. If you look at the top of your screen, you will find a 'forum' button, there you will find the active PD forum and other forums with similar interests. Though i think your thyroid issues may mean your dx with parkinsonia (sp) which is different to PD but look around and you'll find a forum that suits you and your situation best.

Good luck :-)
1084398 tn?1277308410
I had tremors also... 2 1/2 days long.  When I called my neuro, she put me on solumedrol an hour for 3 days.  My tremors are gone. I occasionally have them now, but not like before.  After the treatment, the ones you described went away.  Thank god for that medicine. I teach kindergarten and without that medicine, I wouldn't have been able to keep teaching. I was constantly thinking about the shaking and tremors and not the kids.  
Avatar f tn
Thank you!

I firmly believe that it's never over, we have the ability to shine no matter what the circumstances!

I wish you all the best in your journey!

Avatar f tn
I have Essential Tremors which I got under control with medication. There is also a surgical option for severe cases. Find a Neurologist who specializes in Essential Tremors. I take Propanelol and Primidone for mine.
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