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Anyone hear about toxic mold exposure causing autoimmune illness/MS?
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Anyone hear about toxic mold exposure causing autoimmune illness/MS?

My research has lead me to believe that the chronic illnesses I've suffered from for the last 12 years could be steadily progressing autoimmune illnesses due to the toxic mold exposure I've experienced in a rental I lived in for many years.  Some of my respiratory illness and sinus infections went away since I've moved away, but the other undiagnosed symptoms I've suffered from for 12 years are just getting worse.  Does anyone out there have any experience with toxic mold exposure and autoimmune illness?
Thank you
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Hi I have a problem posting to you anyway I was pleased to read your post having been exposed to toxic fumes and have suffered yrs of chronic ill health with dry eyes mouth, severe fatigue gastric and MS symtoms (symptoms). I have met many people in clinic with autoimmune problems we have all reached the same conclusion these toxins are playing havoc with our immune system. Doctors I am know what is going on. I have done much research and its all out there. I would like to talk more with you please feel free to ask any questions.

speak soon tarter
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Years ago, I was exposed to several toxic molds in a sub-basement apartment (The windows was a little bit above ground level) that my family and I lived in. My health did take a drastic change for the worse living in that place.

I notice that the walls were covered in a black mold. I would often clean the mold off the walls, but it would come back. While living in the apartment, I developed asthma and countless other health conditions, for which I blamed on this mold. I complained to the landlord but he would not do anything about the situation.

I then asked for help through a local agency, after seeing a report about a deadly mold that was called stachybotrys. A lady told me about the mold and how to send her a sample. I did send a sample and the results caused us to move. It was loaded with stachybotrys, Chaetomium, and several other kinds of molds. The lady from the agency sent the results to the Health department and reported the landlord, and told us that it was a danger for us to live there.

The problem with researching about these molds is that the CDC does not recognize that these molds are a problem. Yes, they believe any mold exposure for any length of time is bad for your health and considers it unhealthy, but they don't believe that these molds (stachybotrys & Chaetomium) can cause severe health effects or even death. They say there isn't enough proof, as of yet. This is one side of the coin.

The other side of the coin is this...In Cleveland several infants were exposed to stachybotrys and died from lung bleeding which they contributed to this mold. There is several cases where people have sue because their homes have had this mold and they have suffered health effects from this mold and they have won.

People exposed to these molds have suffered from anything from lung problems that are non reversible, to neurological. It has also been suggested that people who would eventually suffer from an autoimmune disease, these molds will bring out these disease after exposure. I've read that it has been suggested that they believe that these 2 molds  (stachybotrys & Chaetomium) are believed to be demyelinating molds and can bring out the first sign of MS in a patient after exposure to these molds.

Whether I believe this or not, I'm not sure. All I know is that I've not been the same since exposure to these molds. Whether my exposure to these molds have anything to do with my current health condition, I'm not sure. A second exposure to any of these molds would be really bad for please stay away from mold.

Autoimmune disease run in my family..lots...but I'm no expert. Have you had any blood panels? What are your symptoms...if you don't mind me asking.

Take Care
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This is old I know.  however I thought I should add in some more information.

An older mayo clinic study found everyone has mold growing in their sinuses.  They also found that 98% of all chronic sinus problems are due to mold you are allergic too growing in your sinuses.  And it's very difficult to completely eradicate.   Recently an infectious disease doctor (Joseph Brewer) discovered most of his patients whom have ME/CFS all have high levels of mycotoxins in their urine.  He spent awhile trying to determine where the mycotoxins were coming from since some of his patients had all moved to new homes.  What he's believe is the mold which produces the toxins can also take up in your sinuses.  This seems logical especially since the Mayo study shows mold can take up in there.

This is why people who have been exposed continue to have issues long after the initial exposure.  

He has a treatment plan he has been trying on his patients.  It's actually very similar to what the mayo clinic also tried during their studies on fugi growing in sinus cavities.  If you search around you can find information on  it.

Good luck, I hope you have been doing better since posting this.
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