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Aspiration pneumonia possibility
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Aspiration pneumonia possibility

Aspiration pneumonia is inflammation of the lungs and airways to the lungs (bronchial tubes) from breathing in foreign material.  Aspiration pneumonia occurs when foreign materials (usually food, liquids, vomit, or fluids from the mouth) are breathed into the lungs or airways leading to the lungs.

I, myself, have lots of problems with swallowing issues.  I can be eating or drinking, and swallow it "down the windpipe", causing me to choke, which in turn causes a temporary "coughing spell".

This has been an "issue" since I was Dx'd, but has become more of an issue of late.

I constantly have, fluid on the lungs, which my PCP, determined to be from allergies (without checking the issue, i.e. chest X-ray, etc.).

I take OTC medicine, Mucinex, daily, to combat the issue, to little relief I might add.

[I'm sorry, but I'm not into "checking" what I might "cough up", if you know what I mean, so I couldn't tell my doctor what color it is.]

In doing my own research, i.e. over the Internet, for my symptoms, I have determined it's a "possibility", that I might have "aspiration pneumonia", no I'm not a doctor, so I truly cannot say I do.  However, I do have an appointment w/ my PCP tomorrow, hopefully he will have an X-ray taken, etc. to find out.

Every time, I see him, and tell him what "issues" I'm having, I feel like he thinks I'm a "hypochondriac".

Has anyone else, had experience with these issues (swallowing, coughing, aspiration pneumonia, etc.)?
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1088527 tn?1425316975
I have swallowing problems as well and I see a speech therapist for it she has me turn my head to the right when I swallow and the food doesnt get stuck as much as it did before. however I do choke on liquids so aspiration is a concern. Have you had a modified barium swallow done? it will show whether there is a constriction or if it is indeed going to your lungs . mine showed left over particles after I swallow so she determined it to be a nuerological problem and am currently working with a new neuro about that. please go see your doc and if he doesnt at least order a chest xray then perhaps cal your neuro and let him know whats going on and it needs to be investgated asap. please keep me informed of what happens

739070 tn?1338607002
I had swallowing issues after my last huge relapse in January while I was in Neuro  ICU. A speech therapist came and we learned that the right side of my palate wasn't "sensing" the food bolus and therefore I was choking.

This numbness has gradually gone away but I still must be careful to chew food thouroughly, swallow slowly, eat small bites and not talk while eating.

I would talk to my PCP about it and get an x-ray taken. Make sure you tell him all your symptoms. If no action , call neuro , then the dreaded ER if you must. Are you  running a fever?

I hope you get answers SOON!

1689801 tn?1333986916
Hi Socrates, I´m sorry about your problem. I know something about aspiration pneumonia and problems swallowing, I have been having swallowing problems on and off since last Fall. It has not been very bad though, so I have not had the pneumonia even though I swallowed down the wrong pipe.

But my husband have been having some strange seizures (he does not have MS) and then the vomit sometimes goes down to the lungs. He has many times been diagnosed with aspiration pneumonia, he always gets very high fever 39,5 feels terrible right before the fever hits, then he feels better and the fever goes away in 12-24 hours.

He has not always got medicines for this, but it seems to get better even without it. So I think you would always get a high fever (even for a very short time) if you have pneumonia.  

I hope the PCP will help you figure this out.
My best,
710547 tn?1295449630
This is an area I know a lot about.  I am in the hospital right now mostly due to aspiration pneumonia.  Pneumonitis is the inflammation of the lung due to aspirating "stuff" into it.  The difference is that pneumonitis doesn't respond to antibiotics - even though many doctors put patients on them.  The fever - mine goes to 104 (just this past Monday) is caused from the damage done to the lung tissue - as opposed to bacteria or virus.  Pneumonitis can turn into pneumonia though, if the material isn't cleared out of the lungs quickly.  I have quite a lot of permanent damage in the lungs due to constantly regurgitating gastric contents while asleep.  I sleep almost sitting up, and can even be sitting perfectly upright and it still happens.

My esophagus is damaged from Systemic Sclerosis, and so is dilated and has no peristalsis.  The LES is also flaccid. Because I also have MS, it's hard to say what is causing what.  But, with food digesting slowly (GP), it becomes rotten and "up it comes".  I've tried everything and have considered getting a j-tube, but just can't make that call.  I was just talking to my GI doc a second ago here in the hospital.  We decided I'd continue to try eating my biggest meal in the morning and have only liquids after that and stop very early - by around 4 or 5 pm.  I just have to, my lungs and heart are both damaged and I want to stick around a while.

I know this is nothing like aspirating while swallowing - although I've had trouble with that on occasion - but the end result of aspiration pneumonia or pneumonitis is the same.  Sometimes I've had as much as a quart of liquid come up.  It's not fun.

Hope you find some solutions.  Blessings, Jan
620048 tn?1358021835
I have had asperation pneumonia from swallowing problems.  When I swallow food and "other things"  go into my lungs instead of my tummy.  I choke and cough and it is miserable.

Last year I was sick for 5 months with aspiration pneumonia, was in the hospital for 3-4 days.  I had a lot of tests ...mine is caused from the MS.

I have to eat slowly, cannot talk or watch tv.  For awhile I had to take small sips of water I took my pills with applesauce so as not to choke on them.  I am not as careful now but I have learned to be very careful if I start having certain symptoms.

I cannot write much but I just wanted to tell you.


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