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Babinski reflex
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Babinski reflex

I have babinski reflex in my right leg, I had a nerve coneduction  test done from knee down and it came back ok but over active nerves and muscles. Could there be a problem some where else to cause a babinski reflex. Then she told me she didn't think I had MS and I do have fibromyalgia and I am now on gabentin 300 mg 3 times a day and muscle relaxers 800 mg 4 times a day.
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Hi. Babinski's sign relates to the foot only, and has to do with the reaction of the toes when sole of the foot is rubbed or scraped a certain way.

For more info on this and many other facts about MS, please see our Health Pages, via yellow icon at the upper right.

Sending good wishes,
Lissa - your doc sounds like a dufus.

The ONLY thing that can cause a postive Babinski is a lesion in the Central Nervous System.  This means the brain or spinal cord.  Yes, the nerves seems hyperactive, the Babinski is highly associated with spasticity - again - something caused only by a problem in the brain or spinal cord, like possibly MS.

If a person has a postive Babinski sign, THEN YOU WOULD EXPECT THAT THE EMG AND THE NERVE CONDUCTION STUDY WOULD BE NEGATIVE!  The peripheral nerves do NOT cause the Babinski sign.  That those tests were negative is a sign that the problem you are having is in the Central Nervous System.

The Babinski is NOT seen in Fibromyalgia and neither is spasticity.

You need a second opinion from a smarter doctor.

Would you tell us your whole story and what you have been going through, your symptoms and such?

Oh, and Welcome to the forum.
This started several years back with a severe lower back pain, that when I stood up I would fall to the ground, numbness in my left shoulder and arm,and not being able to focus with my right eye this lasted 6 months. I had a Brain MRI done which was clear. The neuroligist then came in and did some neuro testing and when he told me to curl my toes under, I couldn't do it. He said 1st thing Monday morning call his office and make an appointment asap. I didn't at the time I couldn't afford it, I had 4 little kids.My mistake he was a well known and best neuro around here. through years I kept having probs with eyes, muscles, coordination and pain. 2 years ago I was at work and all of a sudden I had double vision couldn't stand up tried but almost fell down, couldn't call my husband couldn't see to dial the phone, was scared and afraid to say anything to my co-works. And then it went away about 4 minutes later. Went to an eye dr he said everything looked ok, but I have extremely dry eyesand to use some kind of eye drops, when he was down eyes hurt so bad from moving them around it almost made me sick to my stomach. I was still having probs with dizziness and muscles so I went to my Dr he did some test and said he thinks it is FM he just put me on cellebrex and mirapex for my RLS. Then 4 months later I felt fine back to normal. I had a few different episodes with slight probs that would last a moth or so and would go away. Then in March it hit hard couldn't hardly move muscles twitching everywhere non stop couldn't sleep went 7 wks getting about 3 hours sleep a night and then went to dr. He did a blodd test and it came back wiht a positive ANA and he sent me to a rheumatologist which said it was FM. I was not satisfied with that so my dr sent me to a neuro. She did neuro exam and couldn't find a reflex in right ankleand said that was a prob and a babinski reflex in right foot. Did nerve test and muscle test from knee down on both legs and said it just showed over active nerves and muscles. She looked at blood work test and said muscle enzymes look good so she didn't think it was MS. But it was up compared to last bood test. So here I am today.....not wanting to question her opinion. But she also said I have FM put me on medicine and said we will watch the blood work very closely. She couldn't believe the rheumatoligist didn't even look at my blood work...he didn't even know I had a positive ANA.  
I meant foot sorry I'm lucky when I can even see the key board or screen. And with auras and blurred vision almost everyday I do find it difficult to do things. If it is in both eyes It is even more difficult to get makeup on in the morning to go to work and driving is even more of a challenge. Luckily the auras only last about 2 hours so I get up extra early to be on the safe side. The blurriness usually last all day, when I look straight ahead at something I can't focus with right eye.
Hello and welcome to the forum.

Could you break up your messages a little?  Most of us have great difficulty reading a paragraph like that.  It appears as a black mass.  

Sounds like you are really having a tought time of it!

Please don't take it personal---all of us break thoughts up.

Just to say welcome to the forum. When I first posted I put a great long paragraph in and most people do. I have learnt that I find is so much easier to read when things are broken up.

Anyhow sorry you are having such a bad time. Have you had any VEP tests done?

It is hard not knowing what it going on but listen to your gut feeling and for your own reassurance, I would get a second opinion...what have you got to lose?

Cheers for now

So what does it mean if you have NO reaction?  Toes don't move up or down?  And, add in no deep tendon reflexes...

I tried to post twice and it didn't work...maybe now it will. Somewhere in my ankle I had no reflex by achilles tendon, but my toes on the same leg/foot go up when she did the test on bottom of foot.

I have a headache right now so i am going to my room. I went to help a friend with her daughters going away to the Miss Teen USA pagent party and it was outside and it was too hot for me. But it was fun for awhile. I enjoyed helping.
This sounds more like myostinia gravis

It's more rare hard to diagnose.     unless the nero has specific experience

I a not a doctor
Okay, this may seem like a stupid question, but I noticed that lissa said she was unable to curl her toes and that concerned her neuro. I was just wondering, does it mean anything if you can't curl your toes under? I used to be able to pick up a pencil with my toes, now, no matter how hard I try, I can't do it.  I can't curl them under at all. I haven't had a Babinski test so have no idea about that.

Thank you,

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