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Back from Holidays - so what have I missed?
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Back from Holidays - so what have I missed?

Hey Guys and Dolls,

Its been a great 3 weeks of fun in the sun, errrrr ok so some of those days where so darn hot, you could fry an egg with bacon on the side, just taking it out of the fridge lol when it got into the mid to high 40's (100-120) I could do nothing but sleep, hmmm a lot!

Strange but true lol i haven't been as normal as this for a long long time, but instead of looking at what i'd been missing or lost, i could see just how far i'd come back, yeeha. For a while there, i wasn't sure where it was going to end up but with my last bad relapse being back in the first quarter of 2012 and only a couple of littler hick ups during the year, I'd be silly to not think it was a better year for me. So its sweet to know there's still something left for this old egg to crawl back too. (hmmm whats with these egg references lol) Ok so 'normal' maybe stretching the truth a tad, but hey i didn't walk like a string puppet so all the other stuff is kinda small change in the grand scheme of looking normal :o) I still buzz, tremor, stutter, see double etc to keep me from thinking it was all just a dream lol gosh darn it there's no chance of that!

I have one goal during the summer, and thats to get up out of the water on my wakeboard. I know i'm pushing it, and i have enough of an excuse to simply stop but i kinda think thats one of the main reasons why i wont stop, until the day it becomes impossible and i have to accept defeat. I'm either stubborn or determined lol I dont care what it is as long as i can keep doing the things that make me feel like um well, me still pushing the envelope lol

Dont get the idea that i'm any good lol being little makes it look easy because i pop out of the water long before the boat has started to move, its just physics but the tricky part is basically down to never knowing if or when my leg is going to fold up on me lol I did one spectacular face plant, i haven't a clue what happened, I just went down so hard i had stars getting in the way of seeing anything, um ouchie ouch lol

Hobo my now 1yr old Golden Retreaver cross yellow Labrador was a sweety pie, he loved swimming in the River and digging holes at the beach, he wasn't too keen on the boat though, his antics getting in were a hoot but once in, he was a happy little vegimite. He was very perceptive, the times when my tremor was over the top, all anyone had to say to him was "Hobo look after mum" and he'd not leave my side and sometimes he'd even lay over the top of me to warm me up, funny how he'd know when i wasn't doing to well, smart little err big BIG doggie. lol


PS to all the newbies that i haven't had the chance yet to say a cheery welcome - HELLO :D    

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Welcome home Superwoman! You've missed the flu season :) loads of new faces.

So, you didn't end up getting on the wakeboard? I can relate to the stubborness, I prefer to call it passion! lol And, unwillingness to accept defeat!

Welcome back JJ!! I sure have missed you! I am so glad you had a great vacation/holiday! :)

Welcome home, JJ!  Your passion on the wakeboard is right up there with my passion for whitewater rafting and kayaking.  The kayaking is more challenging, but those multi-day trips, camping on the beaches along any river I go are precious!

I did have to sell my surfboard, tho...
Thanks !!

There's something in the simplicity of the country life style that really appeals to me. As odd as this is going to sound considering nothing stays clean for longer than 5 minutes but everything just seems fresher, the air, food, water etc its definitely a different mind set you fall into when your nearest shop is miles and miles away lol

I'm still trying to get organised for the school year and read through whats been happening whilst i've been away but hopefully i'll get back into the swing of things by next week lol fingers crossed!!

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